A Genital Wart Medicine Primer

by Rachel on July 7, 2010

Genital warts is a sexually transmitted disease, which is the result of human papillomavirus (HPV). These warts developed in many variants, but they are still only in meat color, and are generally smaller bumps on or around the genital area of the body. Men and women are more susceptible to getting genital warts, but there are very effective treatments available for this issue. Genital warts medicine can go all the way to topical treatments, injections, and some may require ongoing treatments. Some of these drugs can prevent warts before they occur. A kind of medicine for genital warts topical, one is known as a keratolytic. Are keratolytic agents, acid bases, which are consumed almost genital warts, as a wart burned elsewhere on the body is contained. Some of these keratolytic work for longer periods than others, so you can ask your doctor whether a particular drug is a long-term treatment or topical use is still necessary. Interferons are another type of medication that works on warts completely differently. Interferons are proteins that have anti-viral and tumor characteristics. This medication may be applied topically or can be injected directly into the wart itself. The latter is obviously faster, more efficient, because it involves treating the affected area of the interior. A word of warning to this is that it is a bit more side effects reported with this type of medication for genital warts. To check with your doctor cons-indications, if you plan to take other medications during this type of treatment. Another way of treatment is a new vaccine against HPV that has shown promise in preventing genital warts caused by human papillomavirus. However, it is genital warts medicine currently available for women and girls aged 9-26 as a vaccine. This is just, and that prevention is not given as treatment. Even the vaccine against HPV covers only four of 75 strains of HPV, it is not a total ban. If you happen to have these warts when your vaccine against HPV, you can always refer them to others through sexual contact. They should be treated separately for warts. There are also herbs, genital warts, genital warts, not only areas, but all kinds of warts to other parts of the body helps claim. Medicinal plants are often very effective, but some of these drugs are against what they say, you doctors.

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