About Human Papilloma Virus and STD?

by Rachel on January 23, 2011

My ex-bf and I didn’t have sex. But we had our genital rubbed against each other’s while having our panties on. Later he shot his sperms on my stomach when he came. Is it possible that he has passed the virus (or any STD) to me if he has it?
I forgot to add that he put his hand into my panties and he used his fingers to rub my genital before he came. I’m not sure if he touched his own genital with his fingers before that, but i think not. Is the risk greater like this? I’m very scared because he just told me he was gay before. If I go and have a test when will be the appropriate time?

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Angela January 23, 2011 at 2:34 pm

i dont think so

The mom January 23, 2011 at 3:05 pm

Well, HPV is a family name- not one specific thing. The HPV family is just the one that causes warts in places. I assume the sort you are interested in would be the genital wart version. And the answer to both questions is yes- if he has an STD, he would pass the infection on in his body fluids. Now for the good news. If the sperm landed on your stomach skin, you wouldn’t have had a significant exposure to them. Since you had contact through clothing, again you had a barrier to protect you. Virus and bacteria don’t eat through skin or fabric, they must find an opening somewhere. To pass an infection, you have to have skin on skin contact, with body fluid exchange, in the right spots. Getting chlamydia on the outside skin doesn’t give you chlamydia. The specific virus that causes genital warts prefers the groin, not other spots. Warts on fingers, toes and hands are all caused by different members of that HPV family. Now, you are also only thinking infections- but that kind of skin contact can also expose you to things like crabs and scabies. Those are different kinds of critters, but just as embarrassing and uncomfortable to catch – although more easily gotten rid of. For now, you can breathe out. Just make sure if you are going to be playing around with the matches, you take care to protect yourself so you are not likely to be burned. That means insisting on him using a condom, even for oral sex. It’s not perfect protection, but it certainly is better than nothing. But for now, relax. You didn’t likely catch anything with the scenario you describe.

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