All Steps Should be Taken to Contain the Condylomata Acuminate Infection

by Rachel on July 17, 2010

The human papilloma virus at its best is contagious and it is not for strains warts changed. It is a highly contagious infection that can be transmitted from person to person easily, especially when it manifests itself as genital warts. Therefore warts is considered a sexually transmitted disease be acute. And since genital warts spread through the skin with an infected area, the use of condoms is not a sufficient barrier against the spread of infection, such as the condom may not cover the entire area to be infected. That is why genital warts can be spread through oral, anal and vaginal sex. If your partner is infected with genital warts and your skin comes into contact with the affected areas, you may be infected themselves. This is also why very few people warts in the throat after oral sex with an infected partner pointed. This is known as a laryngeal papilloma. The same applies to the newborn. If the mother is infected with genital warts, especially in the birth canal, there is a way for the baby to come into contact with the infection. In some cases, babies will develop laryngeal papilloma. It is also worth noting, I think there are two schools of thought, whether genital warts is contagious, if she shows no physical signs in the form of genital warts. While some people believe that genital warts are not contagious if there is no physical manifestation of it, others find that the evidence is clearly not a decision I think personally, but I know it is always interesting to be careful if you think you or your partner has genital warts, then all steps should be taken to genital warts infection to be included, and you should Ideally, both your physician.

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