An alternative treatment for HPV

by Rachel on September 6, 2014

The human papillomavirus (HPV) is actually a group of several viruses, the areas in which the mucous membranes and can affect the skin. Thirty to forty percent of the more than one hundred tribes are attracted to sex. means papilloma warts or benign tumors and is the most common symptom. The time of infection trappings years of virus. Treatment against HPV varies depending on the type of virus and whether the means chosen is medically or naturopathic / homeopathic based.

Symptoms may not appear for years or asleep. However, contain a lot of stress or immune system, the virus can be activated. Symptoms may include warts, precancerous lesions and even cancer. The most common symptom of HPV warts. Since HPV is very likely to be sexually transmitted, warts are usually on or around the genitals or anal area. However, all areas of the mucosa are susceptible to the virus.


Western medical approaches to dealing warts interfere with the development of virus cells. External genital warts, there are newer medicines which can be administered at home. Treatments offices should be treated in the face of external and internal warts with a gel or a therapy with mild acid. More severe cases require ambulatory surgical treatment, removal, freezing, laser use include. Treatments can have side effects and must be repeated many applications. A vaccine on the market, but to be effective it must be administered before exposure to the virus.

Alternative therapies combine homeopathic, Chinese, Ayurvedic and other therapies to treat the often large number of complaints about people. It will be offset by the use of herbal products and other practices of these processes, the systems of the body at the thought of the body’s ability to use it to heal. In supplements, homeopathic solutions and herbal, most complaints are told by people who are relieved.

The idea, as hardening as is the basis of homeopathy. We consider that a substance that produces symptoms of illness in a healthy person should be able to treat the same disease in a patient. Therefore, the substance is diluted and prescribed to a sick person, to relieve his illness.

TCM or TCM is a full body exercise. Its origin dates back thousands of years. Exercise of TCM is considered an alternative method in the Western world. Not all aspects are accepted, but many are used in conjunction with Western medicine. Food, acupuncture, herbs, massage and therapies do not focus on anatomy, but to bring the body in balance functions.

Another alternative medicine comes from India and Southeast Asia. Emphasis on balance, believes that this therapy the natural impulses to be expressed moderately. Hygiene is to be honored and practiced. Meditation is used to bring the spirit, soul and body together. Treatment of oils and products from plants.

Spend time exploring these alternative pathways to health. Consult your doctor if you suspect signs of HPV recommended. Discuss the possibilities of an alternative treatment of HPV, to make an informed choice.

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