An Overview Of Various Treatments For Warts

by Rachel on June 6, 2010

Warts are one of the most common diseases of mankind suffers. They are spread by the human papillomavirus. If a person with an injury to the epidermis is the outermost layer of skin in contact with a contaminated surface like a countertop or skin of an infected person, the virus is able to give the injury. It then causes the skin cells can multiply excessively. The most common warts are spread by direct contact with the skin of an infected person. The condition is usually benign and self-limiting, and often no treatment is necessary. However, many people consider unattractive warts. In addition, warts that have not been addressed, and not back to infect infect other parts of the body, or other people. Therefore, many people are willing to remove them. Several options are there for those who want to have their warts removed. To delete a health professional you the wart with a kit over the counter to remove the wart, or a home remedy for removing warts. Professional Wart removal is by health professionals such as doctors, dermatologists, or (in the case of plantar warts performed) Podiatrists to visit in an office. Some methods that could use these experts, freezing the wart (cryotherapy), burning the warts with a laser beam (laser treatment), current to burn the wart off (electrotherapy), chemicals used, the wart can cause blisters cathardin (application), application of a chemical such as glycolic acid, tretinoin, or salicylic acid, the wart, so there is a peeling, injections or chemicals to the body’s immune response against the wart (immune therapy rapid) injection, the wart to kill bleomycin, human papillomavirus, or cutting the wart off as part of an intervention ambulatory surgery. One advantage of removing the wart for a professional is that warts are treated professionally are less likely to occur again. A disadvantage of this treatment is that some of them tend to be invasive or painful and potentially more than one visit to a doctor’s office, which can be costly if the patient has no health insurance claim . The remedies of the cons-can also effectively eliminate the wart. Available in most pharmacies, and share many of these remedies are similar to methods used by doctors to remove warts. Yet the remedies in some of these kits use liquid nitrogen to freeze warts off it (cryotherapy) or causing the wart on the application of salicylic acid will be rejected. One advantage of using these therapies is that they do not require a visit to a doctor and be profitable. The treatments are also similar, the methods used by doctors. A disadvantage of this type of treatment he does not attack the human papilloma virus and can not be as effective as professional wart removal. A person can suffer from warts consider a home remedy to cure them. Although these treatments are not considered part of traditional medicine, some of them are showing promising results in some clinical studies. Some of the benefits of this treatment are that they are cheap, easy to implement and often require that the objects of everyday life. In addition, not requiring a visit to a doctor. Some disadvantages of this treatment is that it may take longer than other forms of work, or they can not function at all.

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