Anogenital Warts

by Rachel on May 27, 2010

anogenital warts are often misunderstood disease. Because of human papillomavirus types 6, 11, 42, 43, 44 and 55, including anogenital warts, genital warts, sometimes called simply, are a type of HPV, but only a small part of genital HPV. Other types of HPV genital cancer, cancer of the cervix, such as lead, while others can cause no symptoms. Fortunately, the types that cause anogenital warts does not cause cancer. In other words, the presence of anogenital warts should be considered as a sign that you have no types of HPV that can cause cancer in question. several types of HPV can affect a person at a time, and it is quite possible both anogenital warts and the development of cancer of the cervix uteri have two or more strains of HPV. anogenital warts tend to transfer only by direct sexual contact. It is possible for anogenital warts distributed around the mouth, but it is quite rare. A common misconception is that HPV is contagious until the infection is active. The ISN, the AOT case. In fact, HPV can be spread even months after healing of the wart infection. For this reason, we urge you to consult your doctor before taking the exam ready to have sex, and we insist that you use a condom during sex. When do you contract genital warts, they can sometimes be found for one, can Äúlayman, AOS, the point of view on the eyes, but other times only a few medical tests visible. If you think you have contracted anogenital warts, be sure to consult your doctor before acting, lest you end up treating a button or ingrown hairs with a genital wart remover on the counter. Do not use home remedies for anogenital warts. There are a number of home remedies that work like a charm on common warts on the hands and feet, but hands and feet are not as sensitive as your genitals. There are classes and cons of treatment prescription for anogenital warts that to be very effective, so that SOA is no reason to try to treat anogenital warts trend with garlic slices yellowtail, vinegar, or something you do in a home pedicure set found. Also in anogenital warts are unpleasant but not lead to cancer. In other words, women should be absolutely sure, have completed their regular Pap test, because the only way you can identify the types of HPV that have no visible symptoms, but that lead to cervical cancer. And as always, should be practicing safer sex to avoid contracting or spreading genital HPV. Because the strains of HPV can be found in anogenital sleep, the body SOA for years with no visible symptoms, it is possible to see genital warts came a decade or more to be infected by the disease. It is also possible to anogenital warts contract HPV without ever causing any noticeable symptoms. It’s worth a little more public, as a blow against HPV sleep with years of symptoms after infection, a lot of suspicion resulted in marriages. Genital warts are suddenly appearing not always a sign of infidelity. If you have to do anogenital warts, so be sure to go through the appropriate steps. Talk with your doctor to be treated medically, and warts.

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