Any males diagnosed with hpv with only symptom being itching?

by Rachel on October 27, 2010

I have had itching in the anus and testicles for the last several months.

I have seen 12 doctors, billed thousands to my health care provider etc etc etc I ordered an Make urine HPV kit form MDLabs and will know on monday.

I am going to keep this simple…
Have any males out there been diagnosed with hpv with the only symptom of itching in the genital region?

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billyvnilly October 27, 2010 at 6:02 am

People can experience itching before herpes (HSV) breakouts. Itching is an extremely common symptom. hsv or hpv?

HPV? most men dont experience symptoms with hpv unless you have warts. the itching may be the start of some warts forming. but most people dont even know they have hpv. Are you bathing often enough? are you using some kind of hypoallergenic soap (lever2000 or dove usually have very little irritants in them) Candida (yeast) or bacteria or fungus all can cause itching.

if you are gay and practice unsafe sex, I would consider getting an anal pap smear (same kind of pap smear women get…. only its for the rectum).

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