Are Genital Warts Treatment Available Today Effective?

by Rachel on October 29, 2010

The most common sexually transmitted disease in the world today is the so-called genital warts.  This disease continues to spread at a faster pace than any other sexually transmitted disease.  It is much faster than the spread of the deadly AIDS virus and gonorrhea.  It is therefore necessary for genital wart removal.

Research alone in the United States has shown that there is an estimate of 6.2 million new infections every year.  With that rate of infection it is no wonder that we have to look for ways to search for the best genital warts medication immediately.

But what are exactly genital warts?  Genital warts are also known as the human papilloma virus (HPV).  This is also sometimes called venereal warts and mostly infects people whose age ranges from 18 to 40 years old.  This is the time where people are most sexually active than in any other age range.

The disease can infect both males and females but according to studies the females are the most vulnerable from this infection.  For the females, the reproductive tract is the commonly attacked part of the human body.  Genital warts if not treated properly and immediately can lead to cancerous lesions of the cervix or the so-called cervical cancer.

For the females, genital warts can appear on the cervix, around and inside the vagina, and can even infect the vulva.  For the males it can appear and infect the penis, the area around and near the anus and between the thighs.

Genital warts start out as a flesh or pink colored lesion on the skin.  It is also usually has a moist and soft eruptions that appear on the skin.  These eruptions form into a full time sore that often times group themselves together to form a big sore that looks very much like a cauliflower.  With this case it naturally calls for genital warts removal.

Since this is a sexually transmitted disease, sexual contact with an infected person can definitely expose an uninfected person to the infection.  Unprotected sex like having sex without using any latex condom can be favorable for the rapid spread of the disease.

People may not know it but sometimes they are already infected because the symptoms usually appear several weeks or months after the initial contact with an infected person.  In this instances when there are no symptoms appearing yet they do not usually seek genital warts treatment.

The usual symptoms to look for if a person has been infected with genital warts are the swelling and the appearance of cauliflower like growth near the genitals.  For females if they suspect that they are infected and cannot see any outward symptoms it is better to check first with your physicians.

The physician might do a pap smear where the doctor will get a tissue sample of the inside of the vagina.  The sample is then brought to the laboratory for tests to confirm if the person is infected or not.

The lesson here is that people should not have sexual contacts with known carriers of that sexually transmitted disease.  If it cannot be avoided make sure to have protection by wearing condoms just to be sure.  And when a person suspects that he or she might be infected immediately consult with your physician so that the proper genital warts removal method can be applied.

There are actually 80 strains of the virus known to man but most of these are harmless and cannot cause permanent damage and injury.  However, the bad news is that several of these strains can be the cause for cervical and penile cancer in humans.

Doctors prescribe the application of chemical solutions like podophyllin and/or trichloroacetic acid in order to remove the infection.  They can also suggest using the liquid nitrogen method or the cryosurgery method.  This method can be used for the permanent removal of genital warts.

The warts can also be scraped off the skin but this is only done after the skin is numbed by the injection of local anesthetics.  This is called electro cauterization.

There are several ways for genital warts medication.  Whatever that is it is always better to ask the opinion of your physician first on what is best for you.

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