Autism Has Many Different Symptoms

by Rachel on August 26, 2014

Autism is a disorder that affects the brain. There are many facets to autism and it is important for every parent to understand the symptoms of autism in a young child. While there is no cure for autism, progress has been made to work with these children in a way that promotes development for the autistic child.

You might have seen a child that is older that has autism and there are some clear signs of an autistic child. Every parent should know what to look for in a smaller child so that the earliest symptoms of autism can be detected and then a treatment plan can be designed.

Your child should regularly visit the pediatrician and this is the first step in diagnosing any type of problem. These doctors’ visits early in life are not only to ensure that your child is gaining weight and height properly, but to also make sure that all developmental milestones are being made at the proper time.

Developmental delay is always a concern and you want to do what you can to help your child be ready for school. Learning is important for every child and those with special needs should not be excluded from this group.

Around 18-36 months of age is when many physicians will begin to see any signs of autism, but a parent can recognize symptoms much earlier. There are some signs that can present in infancy that can be signs of autism and this is something that especially new parents should be aware of.

Around 3 months of age or later, your baby should begin to respond to you. This can include reaching out to you and even cooing. Most babies begin to reach for toys and other items that are close to them. Autistic babies may not show this behavior and many do not interact with parents or reach out for items around them.

If your baby is not making eye contact with you, it is a good idea to mention this to your doctor. Many babies with autism do not interact with the world around them and this can seem strange to parents and should be further investigated whether it is autism or something else.

Autism is something that every parent should be aware of. Any family can be affected by autism and knowing the symptoms is very important. Your prognosis depends on when a disorder is diagnosed, and if this condition is diagnosed early, you will be fully prepared to help your child live a normal life as possible.

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