Being More Familiar With Cervical Cancer

by Rachel on May 6, 2010

Statistics show that women are infected by the human papillomavirus, or HPV. However, only 20% of them knew of developing cervical cancer if it is ignored and unattended execution. Cervical cancer is an abnormal growth of tissue in the cervix because of reproductive problems. Like other types of cancer, it can spread and cause further damage to the body. The neck of the uterus in women are in the lower part of the uterus. human papilloma virus causes changes in the cervix in a manner that causes abnormal tissue growth and invasion into surrounding tissues and organs of the affected area. The human papilloma virus can be transmitted through sex. But the use of condoms does not guarantee security through direct contact with the affected area without sex is a form of transmitting the virus to a person to another. In addition, studies show that women who have multiple partners have a higher risk of developing cervical cancer than those who do not. One of the best ways to monitor cervical cancer have annual reviews with your OBGYN. Pap test is recommended that each year of cancer cells to examine the cervix. If in such cases, the abnormalities detected, the doctor may recommend a biopsy for a thorough examination of your health. In some remote areas, visual inspection of the cervix may be an alternative to the Pap smear will be on early detection of cancer of the paper. These precancerous lesions made by acetic acid to highlight, they are strongly seen with the naked eye. As more studies are conducted to answer the need for prevention of HPV and eliminate the possibility of cervical cancer, vaccine against HPV has been developed by pharmaceutical companies. most popular brand of the vaccine against HPV Gardasil is Merck & Co and GlaxoSmithKline’s Cervarix. This type of cancer does not usually cause pain until the very late stage. Some of the symptoms is abnormal vaginal bleeding accidental or discharge. Some also complain of appetite, weight loss, fatigue, pain in the pelvic region, back pain and leg. Cancer of the cervix can be prevented if you know enough about what it is and how to be avoided. Ask your doctor which preventive action can ensure that you have a healthy body and a shield of HPV.

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