Can antibiotics or sex change the way the cervix looks?

by Rachel on May 12, 2011

I have been ill since March.I was treated for bacterial vaginosis after losing my virginity. I took the antibiotics faithfully.
Then i ended up with a yeast infection, but this new doctor thought I had gonorrhea or chlymydia and gave me a shot and 4 pills.
This stupid doctor was supposed to wait for the lab results to come back but instead she gave me a shot and 4 antibiotic pills all on the same day and the infection grew worse.The lab results came back and it turned out that I didn’t have gonorrhea or chlymydia.

So this doctor gave me a shot and 4 pills that I didn’t need.
Then they gave me a one day yeast infection pill and the yeast infection stayed. They held off on giving me anymore antibiotic pills.So I went pill free with yeast infection for 2 weeks under their advice.I tried the over the counter 7 day yeast infection treatment and it still didnt go away.

I have a new doctor and she said she dont like the way my cervix looks.

My parents say my cervix may appear to look funny because when she examined me it was the week before I came on my period and it also may be the fact that those stupid doctors kept on doping me up with all those antibiotics and I received a shot and 4 pills that I didnt even need, That stupid doctor was supposed to wait till the lab results came back.She just shot me up and gave me 4 pills before the lab results even came back.I knew I didn’t have no gonorrhea or chlymydia.Me and my ex had the sense to use protection so I knew it wasn’t chlymydia or gonorrhea but this doctor thought she knew it all and gave me stuff I didn’t need.

But my new doctor said she doesn’t like the way my cervix looks.
I am so scared.
If I have cancer I will be so sad.It will be such a huge blow if I have cancer.I know that doctors can freeze my eggs so I can have kids and I know chemo is usually successful, but it will still be a huge blow.

I have had a yeast infection since the middle of March because of these stupid doctors at this hospital

Is it possible that my cervix looks kind of funny because of all those antibiotics they doped me up with?

Does a yeast infection change the way the cervix looks?

And me and my current boyfriend had sex 5 days before I was examined.I know that I shouldn’t have had sex considering I still had the yeast infection but my hormones was talking.We used protection.
After intercourse he pointed out that I was bleeding and bleeding.
I read that having sex while having a yeast infection can cause blood.

Is it possible that my cervix looks the way it does from the trauma of having sex?
My body is still kind of new to sex.

Do antibiotics change the way the cervix look?
Does having a yeast infection change the way the cervix looks?
Does sex change the way the cervix looks?
She examined me the week before my period. Does the look of the reproductive organs change the week before the period?

I’m just really scared that she is going to say the big dreaded C word to me.
If I have cancer I will be so devastated.
I have never had the human papilloma virus which is the virus that causes cervical cancer.
The way she said it. I don;t like the way your cervix looks.That is so scary.

What can it be?

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cutekitten May 12, 2011 at 11:15 pm

wow-sorry to hear all your troubles & i feel for you. I hate when doctors mess up on stuff that affect your life. I do think that antibiotics can mess up how you feel-be sure you’re eating at least one cup of yogurt a day-that should help with your yeast infection or help fight it off-that’s what they told me when i was on antibiotics-but i still haven’t felt the same since i took them for a bladder infection…i’m not sure though if it affects how it actually looks-but can depend on a lot. good luck & i hope you get some good news next time you go for your next exam!

Lioness May 13, 2011 at 12:08 am

Where you are in your cycle will change the orientation of your cervix. This happens every month.

You need to talk to the doctor and ask what she meant by her comment. It could mean absolutely nothing. It was very foolish for her to say that to you and not explain what she meant.
It could also mean that your cervix doesn’t line up perfectly, which is not all that uncommon and can mean absolutely nothing.

Talk to the doctor. Listen to her and ask all the questions you want. If she’s not interested in taking the time to talk to you, find a new doctor.

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