Can HPV be Fatal?

by Rachel on May 29, 2010

When you learn about HPV and prevention, most people have questions about whether the virus is killed. The answer is no and yes.

HPV is thought to contribute to cancer such as cancer and cervical cancer in women and vulvar cancer of the penis in males. The cause of human papillomavirus is often quite harmless, such as HPV types 1 and 2, the warts on the hands. Other species may remain in your body and run for years, your immune system is weakened, and even allow cell damage and this damage can lead to cancer. This is the case of types 16 and 18, the idea of the causes of some cases of cancer of the cervix. Other types are also transmitted through sexual intercourse, and can potentially causal factors in the development of anal cancer, penile cancer is now, and even cancer of the throat called oropharyngeal squamous.

In a healthy human body, most frequently HPV virus, if contracted, are cleared within a few years can not be cured, but they disappear by themselves. But another way that HPV can be harmful because it decreases your immune system over time and allows greater sensitivity to other “opportunistic” infections, each of which can be deadly for himself. This could include other sexually transmitted diseases, or non-sexually transmitted virus.

Again, it is true that a majority of 250 strains of HPV is not a serious threat to health, some warts visible – while annoying and unsightly, they are not fatal. But the sixteen or if the strains that cause cancer are there, and must be taken seriously. It is estimated that about half the human population is at least one strain of HPV in his contract for life, and about eight in ten women infected with HPV.

These are good reasons to get regular health screenings for HPV, there is no general screening test to tell you if you are positive for HPV, but there are tests that screen for conditions or life-threatening that the long-term infection with could lead to genital HPV strains. For example, if you’re a woman, you should have a Pap test yearly changes in the cervix that may be precancerous screen. Early detection is the best way to keep potentially fatal cancer to develop. Recently, some doctors have recommended that for gays and bisexual men who are sexually active, anal Pap tests are useful for detecting early signs of anal cancer as possible.

The best way to protect yourself against any threatening situation, sex and get regular screening practices. Prevention is the key to protect against HPV, but it is important to know that condoms do not provide 100% protection against HPV. The vaccines on the market, HPV infection has been found useful in the prevention of some more to prevent cancer-causing strains. Vaccines are never 100% effective, and you should contact your doctor to see if those who prevent HPV – Gardasil and Cervarix – might make sense to talk

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