Can HPV be transmitted without any sexual activity?

by Rachel on August 11, 2011

What if I touched something that someone touched after he or she touched their genitals, and masturbated after that? But touching the object long after the infected person touched it…I have NEVER had sex, or anything past kissing — which was only a one time thing. Can I get it even though I’ve never had or will have sex till I’m older, but I masturbate?
and please don’t show me the links to the home remedies crap.

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NO?NAME August 11, 2011 at 9:37 pm

HPV is only spread through direct skin-to-skin contact of the infected area. You can only spread it if your genitals directly touch.

It is possible to get it through oral sex though: you could get it in your mouth if your mouth touches someone’s genitals. You can’t spread it by kissing.

Condoms do lower the risk, but they don’t eliminate the risk completely. You can still get HPV while using a condom because condoms don’t cover the whole genital region.

STD Jason August 11, 2011 at 9:52 pm

Herpes are very contagious that it can transfer from skin to skin contact with the blister or sores.

Blisters that appear on the female genital organ are first signs of herpes. If left untreated, these blisters can produce painful open sores as well as lesions. The viruses of herpes are contagious and can easily be transferred from one person to another. Persons having contact with herpes infected persons can easily get the virus. Initial herpes outbreaks includes headache, fever, and general muscle and joint aches as well as genital discomfort.

STD testing is the best solution whenever there are herpes viruses present in the human body. With STD testing, you can easily detect the infection and later take precautionary measures for prevention and transmission. The STD testing process is not as difficult as others might think. There are different kinds of STD testing service available where the infected person can choose.

There is a regular testing service which is a yearly health check-up whether are infected with herpes or not. There is a series of STD testing which can be availed of by persons who are infected with more than one STD. To protect your privacy, a confidential STD testing service is available.

Local STD testing center offers these different kinds of service to answer to the needs of the herpes infected persons. Moreover, if testing is done at local STD testing centers , the cost is affordable and the results are accurate and reliable. This is better compared to free and anonymous STD testing.

Getting tested for STD can give you peace of mind since the disease can no longer cause serious complications in your body.

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