Can I get genital warts from using a toilet or shower after someone that has the STD?

by Rachel on June 5, 2011

My roomate is dating a boy with genital warts, she will probably contract this disease. If she does how easy would it be for her to give it to me? I heard you can get it from washing our underwear together using a blanket that someone with genital warts had sex on, from the toilet or in the shower? Im really worried. I dont want this STD.

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Luna June 5, 2011 at 4:03 pm

Its transferred by skin to skin contact so in reality it is very easy to get it. So I’d say don’t wash your clothes with hers. I’d rather be on the safe side that be stuck with an STD for life like genital warts.
There are certain circumstances were if you immediately sit on a blanket that someone used after they had sex and that person had genital warts you could also get it, but those cases are rare. Just play it safe. You don’t wanna be stuck with an STD.

linny_2009 June 5, 2011 at 4:31 pm

You can’t get it from sitting on the toilet after she uses it. You also can’t get it from showering after someone. Just don’t use her washcloth or towel. Because it would be wet the hpv can stay on those things. If you feel more comfortable wash the toilet seat off. Also, don’t wash your underwear together. I think you should be safe using the blanket although that is nasty. Best of luck.

Mary Boo June 5, 2011 at 4:41 pm

ONLY through sexual activity.

So you would have to be having intercourse with her or very close genital-to-genital contact to catch it.

It CANNOT be spread by using the toilet after her, touching other parts of her body, kissing her, shaking hands with her etc. There is no reason for paranoia.

My parents felt paranoid about being around me when I caught it and it was SO hurtful, I’ve never got over how bad it made me feel.

Herpes is dormant for about 85% of the time anyway, and cannot be passed even during intercourse when it is. If you were a man having unprotected sex with her, as long as you avoided contact during her outbreaks, your chance of catching it would only be 5-10% a year having intercourse several times a week.

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