Can The Papillomavirus HPV Virus Be Avoided?

by Rachel on April 30, 2010

HPV is a papillomavirus of the most widespread STDs (sexually transmitted diseases) in the United States and more likely to be good in the world. Recent studies show that the number of people who may be affected by this virus in the United States alone, somewhere between 15 and 20 million dollars, which is enormous by the standards. Other studies indicate that over 80 percent of women contracting the disease before age 50. This virus is also one of the most important factors in the development of cervical cancer of the uterus, a disease almost always fatal. There are over a hundred strains of HPV the human papilloma virus, most of them are not cancerous. About 30 of them are contracted through sexual contact. It was observed that every adult, who had more than one sexual partner has or has had an intimate relationship with a partner who has had sex with more than one person is a candidate to make contact with this virus. Genital warts are one of the most visible indicators that came with the virus, which is unfortunately often after a long incubation period, during which neither you (the infected person) or with your partner about the HPV virus, but know that they were infected, it could still be easily transmitted through sexual contact. With an annual Pap test is a simple way to know if Papillomavirus HPV have been posted. The doctor is running some simple tests that allow them to know if you are concerned, is. Because this virus can cause cervical cancer, which has made this test annually to check for traces of the HPV virus is very important. Cancer of the cervix, unfortunately, took the lives of many women each year. Because that is the case, practice safe sex and regular pap help in the fight against this form of HPV. Papillomavirus HPV can now be fought with a vaccination against HPV. The vaccine is usually given to girls before they become sexually active, usually between the ages of 9-13. This vaccine is known to stop the virus, which means that fewer women will be affected by cervical cancer caused by HPV strains and vaginal warts. It is not known whether this vaccine can men in the same way it is able to help women, there are more tests to find out.

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