can you goto jail for giving someone hpv if they die from it?

by Rachel on April 24, 2011

i have hpv, and i just wanted to know.
i only found out today 3/4/10 ; i didnt have any idea i had it.

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Legion April 24, 2011 at 6:44 am

With any disease that can be transmitted, if you do not inform your partner of the situation, they can sue the living crap out of you from just contracting it. Jail, I guess it could fall under attempted manslaughter/murder.

mommyseldest April 24, 2011 at 7:20 am

No one can prove you transmitted it on purpose or not.
The infected one should have been more careful.
I hope you will take more precautions and be upfront next time and hope the other person doesn’t die.

Al LeGator April 24, 2011 at 7:53 am

I presume you have “high risk” HPV, the type that *might* cause cervical cancer.
In a nutshell, not everyone who gets high risk HPV will necessarily develop Dysplasia, (altered, or pre-cancerous cells in her cervix). And not everyone who gets Dysplasia will develop cervical cancer. And those who do get cervical cancer, IF it’s caught early through Pap tests have a very high survival rate. Caught too late and it’s very low which is quite frightening.

As for the guy who gives you HPV, it’d be virtually impossible for him to know he had it. It’s asymptomatic in almost all men. In rare cases it causes penile cancer.

So, no, there was no intent to injure or kill you. You are 50% of the risk takers when you have sex with someone else. You can’t assign 100% of the fault to him. Unless he had a known killer disease like HIV and he knowingly put you at risk, there’s no crime. If you have high risk HPV it’s your responsibility to look after your health by having regular Pap tests; figure out with your doctor how regular they need to be based on your general health, family history and whatever other factors your doctor knows of.

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