Cervical Cancer Prevention Is The Second Most Common Form Of Cancer

by Rachel on July 25, 2010

Cancer of the cervix is the second most common cancer in young women and is a leading cause of cancer death among women, especially in minority and poor countries. As with all cancers are cancer of the cervix heals a lot more if it is detected early and treated immediately in its first phase with alternative medicine as a natural medicine with no side effects at our center. Cancer of the cervix occurs when cells of the cervix change in a way that abnormal growth and invasion of other tissues and organs of the body leads. It is mainly caused by a sexually transmitted infection by the strain of oncogenic human papillomavirus (HPV). Studies have shown dietary intervention and dietary supplements that are effective in preventing cancer of the cervix. In addition, by combining local treatment suitable for systemic treatment shows significant potential in reducing dysplasiaCancer that forms in tissues of the cervix (organ connecting the uterus and vagina). It is generally a slow growing cancer that may not have symptoms, but with regular smear (a procedure in which cells of the cervix is scraped off and looked under the microscope). The cervix is the lower part of the uterus of women (uterus). Most of the uterus is located in the basin, but part of the cervix is removed in the vagina, where it connects the uterus to the vagina. * One of the most important characteristics of cancer of the cervix uteri is the slow progression from normal tissue, cancer of the cervix, to precancerous (dysplasia) changes in tissue, to invasive cancer. * Slow progress in a number of precancerous changes is very important because it provides opportunities for prevention and early detection and treatment. Other possible factors are the following: * The birth to many children. * After many sexual partners. * After the first sexual intercourse at a young age. * The use of tobacco. * The use of oral contraceptives (the pill). * The immune system is weakened. Cervical cancer spread is not always, but those who spread most commonly in the lungs, liver, bladder, vagina and / or rectum. Self-treatment is not appropriate for cancer in most cases. Without medical treatment, the cancer continues to grow and spread. Finally, the vital organs can not function properly because the cancer is taking its place of oxygen and nutrients, or harm them. The result is often death. Although the treatment is inadequate, there are things you can do to reduce the physical and mental stress of your cancer and its treatment. Maintain a healthy diet is one of the best things you can do. * You may lose your appetite during treatment. Common side * * People who eat well, get enough calories and protein. * Keep your intake of calories and protein. The assistance of the following lifestyle changes you can just pay for more and more comfortable * Engage: light physical activity * Rest is also important * to quit. * Avoid alcohol. to prevent cervical cancer, precancerous cells to treat cancer cells treated. * There is usually a step by step process * The deeper cells must be removed from the cervical cancer begins with abnormal changes in cervical tissue. The risk of development of these pathological changes in certain factors, including prior infection with human papillomavirus (HPV) are present, early sexual contact, multiple sexual partners, smoking and oral contraceptives (the pill). to prevent cervical cancer, precancerous cells for the treatment of cancer addressed. The key to preventing invasive cervical cancer is to detect early cell changes before they become cancer. regular reviews of the pelvis and Pap smear is the best way to do it. Preventing HPV infection is becoming increasingly important in the prevention of precancerous changes and cancer of the cervix. * Early age at first intercourse is associated with an increased risk * Similarly, a protective barrier, such as the use of condoms can prevent infection with HPV, although this has not yet been fully studied. * First tests found an experimental vaccine is effective against the virus responsible for half of all cancers of the cervix. *. Smoking can decrease your chances of developing cancer of the cervix. * Genetic material that comes from certain types of HPV in cervical tissue, cancer or precancerous lesions showing changes were found. * These results show a strong correlation between the virus and cancer of the cervix. * Because HPV through sexual contact, early sexual contact and multiple sexual partners can be transferred were identified as risk factors for developing cervical lesions that can develop into cancer. Possible signs of cancer of the cervix are vaginal bleeding and pelvic pain. These and other symptoms may be caused by cancer of the cervix. Other conditions the same symptoms. A physician should be consulted if any of the following: * vaginal bleeding. * Unusual vaginal discharge. * Pain in the pelvic region. * Pain during sexual intercourse. Tests that examine the cervix are used to detect (find) and cancer of the cervix diagnosis. Certain factors affect prognosis (risk of recovery) and treatment options. Treatment options depend on the following: * The stage cancer. * The size of the tumor. * The patient’s desire to have kids. * The age of the patient. * The type of cancer of the cervix. Treatment of cervical cancer of the uterus during pregnancy depends on the stage of cancer and stage of pregnancy. For cancer of the cervix is detected early or for cancer in the last trimester of pregnancy found, was born just after treatment, the baby may be delayed. The process used to determine if the cancer has spread from the cervix or to other parts of the body as the staging. The information gathered from the staging process determines the stage of the disease. It is important to know the stage of treatment

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