Cervical Cancer Prevention

by Rachel on July 6, 2010

Prevention of cervical cancer of the uterus is defined by paramedics in substance that the measures most likely to medicine. For several years, doctors have successfully used the Pap test, a way to detect changes in cervical cells. Despite the performance of this type of control which has seen the rate of cervical cancer of the uterus will drop dramatically in the heart of the United States not only reached the last 20 years, an absolute measure is prevention. This is mainly because there is no known specific outcome in cancer of the cervix. However, doctors know that the two strains of human papillomavirus (HPV) are not less than seventy percent of cervical cancers. As such, a vaccine against HPV, created for women who are at high risk of cervical cancer building to be extended. Some vaccines from different companies created from drugs Gradasil Merck & Co., and Cervarix by GlaxoSmithKline. Vaccines against HPV are girls 9-16 This is effective only because they occurred before infection. In their efforts to develop effective prevention techniques of the cervix, the scientists also found a link between multiple sexual partners and cancer of the cervix. Consequently, women who have multiple sexual partners are at greater risk of contracting the disease than those who become a sexual partner. Moreover, women were asked with multiple sexual partners to use condoms during sex. It is not yet proven to be true, if in fact condoms offer reliable protection against the disease is put in place, the ladies that condoms prevent sexually transmitted diseases such as warts, chlamydia, HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases that are known to the women most at risk are available, the creation of cancer of the cervix uteri. Some doctors recommend avoiding smoking as a means of preventing cancer of the cervix uteri. The tobacco contains carcinogens, which increases the chances of a person of several types of cancer. According to the American Cancer Society, smokers have a double chance in the development of cancer of the cervix uteri than their counterparts in non-smoking areas. The diet is also as a preventive measure for cervical cancer of the uterus recommended. Various studies published in numerous medical journals have shown an association between consumption of fresh vegetables and a decreased persistence of HPV. The consumption of vitamins A, C and E is bound to reduce the persistence of human papillomavirus, as is the case for women, a major contribution of folic acid, carotenoids have. Doctors have found a link between exposure to chemicals as a risk factor for developing cancer of the cervix. minimized as such, as a control measure against cancer of the cervix, doctors advise women to work in industry or manufacturing business, exposure to chemicals. Other factors that possibility, the doctors, after several years of research, are identified and rinse a weak immune system. According to studies, douching weakens the anti-viral agents that occur naturally in the vagina of a woman to stay, therefore, their risk of cancer of the cervix. A weakened immune system, on the other compounds the effects of HPV, therefore, to accelerate the progression of the cervical spine adjustments cervical cancer.

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