Cervical Cancer Stages Survival

by Rachel on June 24, 2010

The uterus of a woman finds its opening through the cervix. Cervical Cancer Survival stages More than once the human papilloma virus causes the disease. It is transmitted through sexual exchange. The cervix is the most important organ of the reproductive system requires proper attention to date concerns the occurrence of cancer. This cancer affects the other organs of the region of the cervix and can cause damage to reproductive organs. This makes the disease more deadly. This distribution is commonly referred to as metastasis.

Although the human papillomavirus is the main cause of the disease, but also with women who are diagnosed in the habit of smoking. The cases of lung cancer and breast cancer are associated with cervical cancer there. This shows that the vulnerability of women are suffering from cancer is higher through the cervical cancer. The disease is marked by the presence of warts on the area around the neck. But a regular medical examination is, because sometimes the warts may not even appear on the skin and diseases detected necessary.

The most common symptoms of the disease is prolonged pain in the chest. Sometimes, the legs and lower back start Unbearable. Anemia is often associated with cancer of the cervix. Because of anemia in patients also experience weight loss and fatigue. The person loses the normal appetite. The detection of this cancer is in itself nearly impossible. Only in the later stages, which with the help of a doctor can see.

The disease is very dangerous as its detection very difficult. Although physicians can detect by a simple smear, but if the treatment is to avoid too long, it can lead to serious consequences. The most important thing here is that the disease has spread to other parts of the body including the vagina and other connective tissue. It spreads vigorously and the infection spreads very quickly. The disease has the potential to damage the major organs of reproduction and impair fertility in women.

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A particular form of the load papillomavirus increases the risk of disease. As bad sexual behavior and lack of hygiene also allows the development of cancer of the cervix. A given drug to prevent miscarriage (diethylstilbestrol), if given in large quantities also increases the susceptibility of the disease. The diagnosis of the disease was achieved by examination of vaginal secretions of patients with suspected and tested for the tribes of cancer.

Chemo-radiotherapy is a combination of chemotherapy and radiotherapy is an effective measure for cancer treatment. Infected cells can also be removed surgically. But the woman has a difficult decision may have an impact in regard to their fertility. Thus, most of the usual medication for women. A simple approach to prevent disease, clean habits and have regular checks. The disease can be prevented by such measures if it does not once they are excluded.

A healthy woman is the most important asset of a family and a woman must be kept clean and ready to prevent the disease.

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