Cervical Cancer – The Pap smear and HPV test combination

by Rachel on August 19, 2014

Many women in America are affected by cervical cancer. But there are equal or more women who are not affected by the disease, but still widely tested. There is no doubt that the Pap-smear tests are for all the girls have gone through puberty recommended, but the question that remains is whether such an examination is often necessary, and if our women and doctors are on the same knowledgeable.

Cervical cancer is a disease that is caused by a virus from the papillomavirus family of viruses called human papilloma virus. This virus has nearly 200 species and does not cause symptoms in the general population. Some of these HPV viruses cause symptoms such as warts, while others are responsible for cancer of the vagina, vulva and cervix in women. However, a very important point that the virus is widespread in the environment almost as cold and in most cases, destroy the body of the young girl and very efficiently infection. Only when the infection of more than a year or if the risks are housed developed.

A doctor should be very careful in recommending tests and check-ups for a girl. If the body of the girl is tested for the presence of HPV-positive and administered on the results of many tests and treatments by the treating physician. But these treatments can lead to a weakening of the cervix makes it incapable of following a successful pregnancy and delivery in the future. When you consider how many factors there are some guidelines that health professionals have developed –

girls in their slice of twenty years should be tested for HPV only after a positive smear test a combination of Pap smear and HPV testing should only women who made more than 30 years.

The Centers for Disease Control in the Department of Health and Human Services of the United States rose to a more general rule set so that the lives of women safer without the risk of causing side effects of the test. We would be three points in the

As the official document of the CDC “a woman tests negative + 2 = 3 years”, which means that if the Pap smear and HPV are negative for women are listed issued, they may refrain form to get tested for cervical cancer three years!

A ban is medically that cervical cancer is a proven that cancer grows very slowly. In most cases, women are further tested by repeated opportunities to cancer development. Stay updated with news and medical research is just as important for physicians and patients. In addition, the HPV test is not to replace the Pap smear for cervical cancer, as both are equally important. This is a pre-test, whereas the first is a confirmatory test, which can lead to further processing if necessary.

cervical cancer is a cancer that starts in the cervix, the lower part of the uterus (belly) that opens to the upper vagina. Learn more about cervical cancer and other Medical News from our website.

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