Cervical Cancer Treatment Options

by Rachel on July 6, 2010

This is the case with cancer of the cervix. Treatment of cervical cancer or cervical OptionsCervix is bottom of the uterus or the uterus. As the abnormal growth of tissue and observed will further invasion of other tissues of the body, which is an abnormal, then this is considered a cancer.

It is amazing to know that women always oriented towards the HPV or human papillomavirus. But the study, only 20% of these women knew that HPV can cause cervical cancer.

Cervical cancer showed fewer symptoms, other types of cancer. Most agree that the pain is at an advanced stage and, if the condition is already severe. However, the risk of cancer of the cervix may relate to its beginnings, with Pap smears be attributed to be minimized.

Pap test is done by taking a cervical smear from the outside. That is the risk of cancer of the cervix or precancerous stage of the screen. It is suggested that you take an annual Pap smears as part of the annual routine gynecological examinations. When an abnormality is detected, your physician may request a biopsy to test your depth health.

Cancer of the cervix is caused by human papilloma virus. It is spread by direct contact with the affected area. Therefore, the use of condoms, in the case of sexual contact does not guarantee that you are safe from infection. Other factors that may increase the risk of cervical cancer is under control of the birth of contraceptives, early sexual intercourse and multiple sexual partners.

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What is worrying is that cervical cancer shows no symptoms in its early stages. Therefore, prevention is necessary. Except for the smears, the vaccine against HPV has already been made available to reduce the risk of HPV infection.

Screening for cervical cancer of the uterus is a necessary step to ensure that you not only a system of reproductive health, but also a healthy body. Add to do in your health and your life-saving immediate needs.

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