Common Genital Warts Myths Busted and Their True Positions Established

by Rachel on June 27, 2010

Genital warts, according to their nature, are among the issues that are rarely discussed. If they do not get treated, the focus is normally “tongue-in-cheek” and a muffled voice. Therefore, the majority of information many of us to genital warts very distorted, and generally myths they “here and there” again on the state. One of the most common myths about genital warts is to the effect that genital warts are spread only through sexual contact. The reality is that the sex is actually the most common are distributed by genital warts, it is not the only way of spreading genital warts. Sharing personal items of daily use such as towels with people who suffer from genital warts, can also easily lead to its spread. Another common myth of genital warts is that they affect women. The reality is that affect genital warts in men and women, but are openly manifest in women. However, genital warts, a man equally – if not more – as painful genital warts on women in the fullness of time. Another common myth of genital warts, one of them seem more vicious than they really are, tend to be the one to the effect that they cause cancer of the cervix . But if it established a correlation between genital warts and cancer of the cervix, it is important to note that the correlation is not always the amount of causality. In addition, studies have shown that there are clear, even if both conditions are the same type of virus (known as human papilloma virus – HVP), they are actually caused by different strains of the virus that way if you have a diagnosis of genital warts have been, it does not automatically and necessarily mean you have cancer of the cervix at one time, a condition much more deadly. Then there is the assertion that “only an incidence of genital warts, and then automatically translated to recurrent life-long” state, as is another common myth about genital warts. The reality is that some individuals suffer from recurrent life-long to find the natural immune system of most people to do with genital warts, and finally a path to the state championship, so that infected over the victim may be so for the rest of his life with the human papilloma virus behind the state live, they never experience any real event again by the disease. Dismantling myths about genital warts, is important for a number of reasons. Firstly, when people get to know the truth, they also tend to give them the power of positive action. Always true positions can also make the difference between the rupture of a healthy relationship and continuity. Here is the situation where one party is going to others for promiscuity in response to a suspected case of genital warts, for example – and where he is alleged to learn that genital warts parties will spread, not only sexually.

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