Condyloma Acuminata – The Commonest Sexually Transmitted Infection

by Rachel on May 9, 2010

The term refers to genital warts genital warts. One of the commonly known sexually transmitted human condyloma acuminata is a scourge for all those infected by it. The consequences of infection are not confined only for genital warts. Who is infected also carries the risk of developing cancer in the long term genitals. There are several risk factors that you should alert to the risk of infection. Condylomata acuminata is a family of viruses causes. There are about forty strains of the virus known to cause these infections. These viruses are known collectively as the family of human papilloma virus. The virus is usually transmitted sexually, but they are cases of transmission through oral sex, and even by contaminated hands known. Most infections are caused by two strains of the virus. There is a vaccine available, offers protection against genital warts. This vaccine is called Gardasil and if you are a woman aged between nine and 26 years is a choice you get vaccinated with this. As I mentioned, there are certain risk factors, you should know. If you became sexually active at a young age, there is a risk factor for development of infection and the development of cancer of the cervix at the end of life. Do you have multiple sexual partners? This represents an enormous risk of contracting genital warts. Sex with strangers makes the chances of contracting this highly infectious. If the person you have sex with, has a history of venereal disease, you have much higher chances of infection. According to statistics, symptoms of infection only after three months of sexual contact to prove. In this phase, the infection could still be transferred to others without knowing it. For this reason, you should take precautions during sex. With a barrier method of contraception decreases the risk of transmission of infection, even though the odds are never completely eliminated. You also need to go into treatment if you or your partner genital warts. The treatment can not eliminate the virus completely, but it reduces the likelihood of developing cancer. The treatment also reduces the likelihood of spread of infection. The symptoms of genital warts are lesions in the genital area, itching and discharge. You’ve probably noticed the warts and around the genitals. You can see how large fleshy mass that resembles a cauliflower. In some cases, you can see the bumps in the gray areas infected. The lesions are usually accompanied by much itching and discomfort. Maybe you have an urge to scratch the lesions and remove. You should not do that, because the infection is spread only when you stop the warts. It may even be infecting their hands in such a case. If you are pregnant and suffering from an infection that you may have a lot of warts, in the opinion of continuous bleeding. Otherwise, these warts are prone to bleeding when you have sex.

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