Determining the Best Treatment for Genital Warts

by Rachel on August 15, 2010

The genital HPV infection is very common in sexually active adults. Most infections do not result in the manifestation of genital warts. The annual incidence of genital warts is 1-2 percent of the sexually active population. Genital warts are not themselves cancer, but warts are caused by HPV types at high risk predisposing oncogenic transformation. All patients with anogenital warts should be at the risk of cancer of the cervix, vaginal and vulvar dysplasia, which can lead to cancer and death are taken into account.

There are vaccines to prevent infection by subtypes of high-risk HPV. Treatments against genital warts can be treated as a topical, surgical, destructive or immunomodulators. There is a systemic treatment of warts that retinoids interferon involved, and cimetidine. Selecting a treatment approach based on the number, size of load, and the location of the lesion. There is little certainty that the approach is more effective than another, although costs vary.

It seems that the use of podophyllin are cases in which side effects are reduced should be limited and compliance with medication and cost of the dominant factors. Because of high costs and uneven effect is interferon therapy of last resort. Although imiquimod has few side effects and low relapse rate, it is expensive, requires an application long and not more effective than podophyllotoxin much cheaper.

Cryotherapy is quick, easy, safe and relatively inexpensive. Sun cryotherapy is tolerated in the first line treatment of genital warts in pregnant women and patients, the pain associated with the application. Surgical removal and destruction are advantageous because of their immediate purpose and clearance of infected tissues, but can be costly, painful and scary. They should be used only in appropriate patients.

In conclusion, surgical removal of cost-effective treatment for simple and extensive warts and podophyllotoxin is the most cost-effective medical treatment for warts simple and broad. To determine the best treatment for genital warts and the effectiveness, needs, preferences, financial resources and patient convenience.

The skin consists of epidermis and dermis, which is called the true skin. The epidermis is composed of seven layers that surround and protect the skin’s true. Because the skin is the reservoir of food, is the region where the majority of skin problems and where the root begins a life wart. Therefore, surgery to remove warts is so highly invasive, we must dig through all the layers of skin deep, but the results failed when the warts give again, despite the efforts of the OP, it Cutting infection together almost never complete.

Some of the most impressive results were in accordance with herbs to eliminate warts. The activities of our antiwarts antiviral treatments are well documented and eliminate because of their direct effect on HPV. HPVCurative contains organic herbal extracts and anti-viral essential oils, the ability, as a remedy against HPV have shown in laboratory certified to act.

Viruses can be very rapid mutation rate, immunity to get difficult to sustain. Once a cell is infected, it is difficult to selectively inhibit the virus without harming the host cell. Therefore, a keen interest in plants as strong allies in restoring the strength of the immune system and prevents the spread of viral diseases is increased.

The treatment is painless and gives excellent results when compared to other treatments against HPV. It eliminates genital warts and skin tissue goes to the state it was before the infection. As the treatment to effectively eliminate genital warts and wart-like substances on the genitals, the surgical treatment of acid or HPV may soon be a thing of the past.

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