Different Types of Warts Their Causes and Treatments

by Rachel on August 2, 2010

The virus causes warts, which affect the cells of the epidermis, which is the upper layers of the skin. It causes cells to multiply faster than they should, the results of their skin cells are too numerous in a small area. The cells can grow in bottle shapes and forms, many of these fuse causing the nature of the mosaic warts, often seen on people’s hands, elbows, knees and ankles.

There are four different types of warts that most people have to do with those listed below:

Common warts – other than “a common wart” is the typical bumpy, warts, which usually occurs in the hands, elbows, knees and ankles.

Plantar warts – warts that is what you find on the bottom of the feet. It’s really the same as a common wart, but it seems generally smooth and flat mainly due to the pressure on his foot. Although warts usually grow outward, they can sometimes grow through the entries to this pressure. They can be very painful and can also be transmitted by walking barefoot on wet floors in public spaces.

Flat Wart – due to the thinness of the skin of the face, if the wart is in this area are generally much flatter and smoother, and therefore as a flat nipple.

Genital warts – Genital warts are, of course, in the genital area, and may be the next person through sexual activity.

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