Do They Test For Hpv Before Doing Adult Film Work?

by Rachel on February 24, 2010

I have an abnormal pap, with the straind of HPV for awhile it went away but not sure if it came back and im suppose to start adult film work.. do they test for this? I don’t think I have it anymore but just don’t want to be imbarressed when I get they and they tell me I can’t work.

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Wise One February 24, 2010 at 9:54 am

Hell no! I highly doubt the adult film industry would ever test for HPV. First off, there is no HPV test for men (Yes, men can have HPV although it rarely results in cancer for them..So men aren’t too concerned about HPV).
The test for females is usually only done for women over 30 along with a regular pap. For women younger, the HPV test is only done if one has an abormal pap.
I am a hypochondriac and am only 21 years old…so I had an HPV test done just because I worry a lot. I think it costs around $200-$300 so I highly doubt the adult film industry would be paying that for each girl…
HPV is highly common …80% of people have contracted it at some point….
the good news is that most cases of HPV are rapidly cleared by the immune system before they ever turn into cancer.
However, I am concerned becuase being a porn star puts you at high risk of being exposed to multiple strains of HPV….I think the average sexually active woman may only have a couple sex partners… she would only have one strain at a time…..But if you having sex with a male porn star that has had multiple partners before….or you having multiple partners yourself….then you are exposing yourself to more and more strains…making it harder for your immune system to clear.
Even if they use condoms….condoms don’t protect against HPV since it is skin to skin contact.
You are putting your life at risk by being an adult film actor….

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