Does HPV progress from infection to mild dysplasia quickly?

by Rachel on September 2, 2011

My girlfriend has mild cervical dysplasia (pre-cancer) on about 25% of her cervix, and we have been together and monogamous for 11 months. If she truly got it from me, which I guess is possible (though I’ve asked exes and none of them have had abnormal paps) is it at all common for it to progress that quickly?

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Lily L September 2, 2011 at 10:54 am

First of all, just because none of your exes had abnormal paps does not mean she didn’t get it from you. In most people HPV produces no symptoms. If you’ve had several partners, I’m willing to bet you do have HPV in some form. Most sexually active people do.

Secondly, mild dysplasia is pretty common. That doesn’t seem like a “rapid” progression to me. She went from being fine to having a slight abnormality. Sometimes women go from a normal pap to severe dysplasia at their next exam. Even severe dysplasia is pretty easy to treat . . . though treatment involves removing part of the cervix. It takes more than 10 years usually (if left untreated) to pregress to cancer.

Something like 90% of mild dysplasia will go away on it’s own. Just make sure she keeps her appointments.

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