Does the HPV vaccine protect against (HPv/genital warts)

by Rachel on October 18, 2010

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Does the HPV Vaccine hurt and how long do you hold a sore arm for?Please! i need to know how long your arm hurts for since i have rumba the next day! :( I imagine ill struggle getting changed and all that so make clear to me please :( 2-3 days. -it…Does the HPV vaccine hurt? ?I’m really, really afraid of needles/shots. Does anyone know if the HPV vaccine (prevents cervical cancer) hurts? Is it the type where only the nozzle insertion part hurts? or does it hurt while the medication is being injected as very well (like that one tb shot). To…Does the HPV vaccine hurt?btw i have skinny arms and any tips on how not to be nervous when it goes surrounded by its a little sting but like 30 mins subsequent your arm will totally ache!! tip- DON’T tense you arm! it will hurt so much morepious luck and and i…Does the HPV vaccine hurt?I am having my HPV vaccine tommorow and i am really scared because i dont usually approaching injections, but iv heard that this one hurts even more than normal ones. any guidance please would be usefulThankyou :) I had my first jab on monday. Honestly, it’s nought to…Does the HPV vaccine hurt? yes it depends what kind of person you are next to shotsheres a tip wen getting the vaccine.relaxit will be much more painful if your mussels are tense.biddable luck! i got my first one and it burned/stung when it go in but everyone is telling me the…Does the hpv vaccine incentive infertillity?im getting the vaccine on the 1st of october but i heard a rumour somewhere that it can cause infertillity. is that true?? NO, of course not… The fact is they don’t know. They hold no idea what the long term side effects…Does the HPV vaccine protect against (HPv/genital warts)I have the three shots and I’m just curious if it protects me against me genital wart aswell. Sorry if my question is worded weirdly. The HPV vaccine only protects against against absolute strains of the virus… There are still strains that cause…Does the HPV vaccine really brand name women infertile?My friend was telling me that a few women at her work be talking about how the HPV virus vaccine produce a lot of women infertile and now they can’t hold kids. Is this really true?? I had all 3 shots for it and…Does the HPV vaccine still work if you are already sexually moving?I am 15 and in year 10. I am due to get my HPV vaccine against cervical cancer soon, but it said on the elaflet we recieved at conservatory that it needed to be administered before your daughter (it was aimed…Does the HPV virus other exact cervical cancer or any other cancer?Or is it just certain cases or… what? I also have issues with my Cervical Cancer . I posted my request for information on wish123 and got an answer from an expert who solved my problem. Highly recommend…Does the HPV virus that cause plantar wart live on surrounded by your shoes?Do you have to throw out all of your shoes to prevent plantar wart from growing back? hpv cause genital warts and could cause cervical cancer-get checked! HPV is a bit higher than your toes, keep…Does the more you enjoy sex and hold hpv the more abdnormal the cell look?I have hpv, I had a colposcopy my doctor today said that my cell are looking worse than back, and he offended me when he said you must be in large demand, like i was a hoe. I…Does the palm coast county form department hold out genital wart removal? 1) just call them and ask !:)2) and if you hold genital warts – you MUST get rid of them as soon as it is possible because genital wart are very contagious!!and if you really want to get rid of genital wart…Does the performance of hpv that cause cervical cancer be contagious or make a contribution you genital wart ?when having sex with your partner thats be told she has hpv that causes cervical cancer be contagious and or can she pass you genital warts All forms of HPV are contagious, even…Does The Second HPV Jab Hurt ?Im scared to get it subsequent week , be honest and help me please :) Thanks xx Hi :) Please, please PLEASE do not verbs! I’ve had all three and to be honest it doesn’t hurt do you know why? Because they’re adjectives the same! It…Does the shot for HPV mess up your length?I got the second one and Auntie flo is coming in soon… I’m have really bad cramps and this happened the ending time too… is this supposed to happen? Is there any chewable medication I can take? Hmm;I don’t think these…Does the STD, HPV ever run away?I am 35 and I contracted HPV, vaginal warts, when I was 18. (Have no model what strain) I had them burned off. I soon married and stayed monogamous for 10+ years. Divorced and remarried. Before I remarried or have sex with my current husband,…Does the third dose of the HPV vaccine hurt seriously?My first was OK, second one stung a lot, but I’m getting a the third one soon, and I hear that girls have passed out because of the pain, although I don’t know on which one. Can anyone convey me how bad the…Does the third HPV shot hurt?I just got my 2nd HPV shot today and it hurt when it is injected contained by, the 1st didn’t hurt. Will the third HPV hurt more than the 1st and 2nd?I will need to take another one the subsequent 4 months and I have heard almost…Does this be determined I hold HPV?I went in for an annual pap smear and they said they found adnormal cell which meant HPV. So they referred me to a woman’s health aid and they ran a test on me. They took a preview of my cervix tissue to test it for…Does this have it in mind my HPV get worse? I’m upset!?Last year I was diagnosed with low title HPV. My doctor did a colposcopy, but decided not to do a biopsy because he found very little abnormality. Last week I go for my follow up, and my doctor had left me…Does this look resembling genital wart?A couple nights ago i felt something effective my anus. I looked in mirror and saw this growth. it doesnt hurt and doesnt bother me when i wipe.i will be seeing a doctor this week but im just freaking out until afterwards waiting. im hoping someone whos…Does This Mean I Am HPV Negative??I was sexually assaulted 1.5 years ago. I worry a great deal that I might have caught high risk HPV. At my closing obgyn visit, I asked my dr. and he saidhe would do an HPV test along beside my pap smear.I got a card in…Does This Mean I am HPV Negative?I was sexually assaulted 1.5 years ago. I worry profoundly that I might have caught high risk HPV. At my ultimate obgyn visit, I asked my dr. and he saidhe would do an HPV test along next to my pap smear.I got a card in the…Does This Mean The HPV Is Gone?I know there is a lot of debate on whether your body if truth be told clears the virus totally or if it stays in such a low, dormant state that not even the most sensitive tests pick it up.Two months post-LEEP surgery, my pap and…Does this nouns approaching I hold genital wart?I recently discovered a small white spot thing on my inner labia. It be about 1mm by 1mm. It was probably similar to a skin sticky label. I was able to pick it rotten with no trouble at all. I took it stale more easily…Does this nouns go Genital wart or no?My husband has had this one spot right within his pubic hair region of his groin for atleast 5 years and we thought it was a genital wart. Well I get freak out enough that he finally got it checked out by his doctor and…

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