Eczema Symptoms and Treatment

by Rachel on September 27, 2015

Symptoms of eczema may include red, itchy skin and sores that ooze and crust over. One out of ten children develops eczema, but more than half of them lose it by the time they reach their teens. It is a chronic inflammation of skin categorized by scaly and itching rashes.

Pull out a container of saran wrap. Wrap the clear plastic wrap around the location of the eczema. Don’t just cover the irritation with saran wrap. Wrap it completely around the limb that is attached to it to be sure that the plastic wrap will stick. You may need help to put the saran wrap on.

Avoid too much exposure on extremes of temperatures. This action will cause stress in the skin by keeping it dry and depletes the water in the body. If you are in a hot weather be sure to hydrate yourself by taking enough fluids.

Spearmint leaf juice applied directly on the itch can also be very beneficial for those who suffer from eczema. Other home remedies for eczema include mashed almond leaves and then applied to the dry skin. A tablespoon of camphor and a tablespoon of sandalwood paste can also be mixed into paste and applied on the skin. Nutmeg paste can also be applied on the rash and it will soothe the skin.

Babies with severely dry skin can find some relief if given an oatmeal bath. Place a few cups of rolled oats into a tub of warm water and let your baby splash around for 10 minutes. The oatmeal will not only soothe the baby’s itching skin, it will also help heal any signs of eczema, if your baby is suffering from that severe form of itching skin.

Dudo Osun is hand made and comes from Nigeria. It can be used as a soap, as a shampoo, as a facial wash, and as a body wash. It contains many natural ingredients that all help moisturize, condition, and heal the skin. It is full of natural ingredients that have been known to reduce or eliminate the symptoms of those suffering from dry skin, psoriasis, and eczema, freckles, acne, and more.

Carefully monitor what you eat, where you are, what you are doing, what you come in contact with, around the time that these outbreaks occur. Log this information and build a up a “trigger list”.


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