Eliminate Warts Completely

by Rachel on July 20, 2010

Warts are skin growths caused by infection with human papillomavirus, or HPV, caused. Warts can grow on all parts of the body. They can develop on the skin inside the mouth, genitals and on your rectal area. They are more common in children and young adults. They usually disappear after a few months but can last for years and can reproduce. A few papillomaviruses are known to cause cancer of the cervix. Exist five types of warts. They are different form on various parts of the body. Common warts usually develop on the hands, but they may be anywhere on the body. Plantar warts on the soles of the feet ascent. They look like hard, thick patches of bark with blue dots. Plantar warts may cause pain when walking, and you can look like you come to a stone. Flat warts usually on the cheeks, arms or legs of lead. They are small (usually smaller than the eraser at the tip of a pencil), may have ups and thin, pale pink, brown, yellow or sweet. Filiform warts usually around the lips, nose, beard or region are increasing. Warts Periungual increase under and around the foot and nails. They look like rough bumps with a mottled surface and edge. You can increase the impact of the nails. Most people produce warts on a certain level in their life, usually before the age of 20 years. About one in 10 people in the UK have warts at any time. Genital warts are the most popular transmission of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) in the United Kingdom. There are several different lasers used for the treatment of warts. Laser therapy is used to kill certain types of warts. Lasers are expensive and require the injection of local anesthetic anxiety in the treated area. Electrosurgery (curettage and HF) is particularly important and troublesome warts used. Immunotherapy is the injection of content that caused a hypersensitivity reaction is done, can be seen by your doctor. Aloe Soak a little cotton in aloe gel and paste it on the wart. Adding more gel every three hours with a heart pipette. Take a banana peel readymade and a slice off and use the meat of the situation, the affected area, and paste down. Light milkweed is used internationally by the exhaust gas to wart removal. Paste it immediately or take topical creams herbal. Leave the skin on the swimming, unless, changing every day. Treatment can take several months. Apply lemon juice on the wart and rub lightly. Repeat two or three times a day. Rub a piece of pineapple on the wart soft. Keep the application whenever necessary.

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