Eliminating Genital Warts In Four Modern Treatments

by Rachel on May 23, 2010

Genital warts or human papillomavirus (HPV) is considered one of the most common types of infections observed. Unfortunately, there are 100 strains of this virus in our time. The worst is what kind of people infected with the virus know that there will never be that they are infected, unless they go through some medical tests. It is only through medical tests, that this infection can be confirmed. These warts are sometimes not detectable, and they can multiply quickly and easily in the cluster group. Although these warts can appear generally benign, there are cases they can also pose serious problems, especially for women. Once these tiny bumps may actually be an indicator of cancer of the cervix.

After this type of wart virus is also risky, are relevant to other people, they are highly contagious. A simple physical contact may actually result in severe cases of HPV. It is extremely important that each infected person immediately call a doctor to treat the infection and get rid of the virus detected immediately.

Once the virus is detected, the doctor may recommend different methods to solve the problem immediately. It is desirable that antibacterial drugs do not work, as is the case, whether the virus. Treatments include the use of podophyllin resin. It is a liquid, the brown color and is usually painted directly on the warts. It is then washed with water. This treatment allows cell growth and adjust the treatment can be repeated. Another step is the method called cryotherapy, in which liquid nitrogen is used. This method is applicable only if the adults. Genital warts can be removed by laser treatment. It is not yet proven effective expensive. The most common is probably caused by surgical excision. Whatever method you choose to do, it is important to doctors not afford.

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