Exactly How Many Different Varieties of Hpv Strains are There?

by Rachel on April 21, 2010

Well, there are four main types of warts, which can be divided into, common warts, plantar warts, genital warts and skin tags. These warts are caused by a hundred different strains of HPV. Of these 100, are responsible for about 30 strains of HPV, genital warts. And since 30 strains of HPV that can cause genital warts, a large percentage of it explained to some extent why it is so easy for someone who is sexually active, non-monogamous in a relationship , genital warts is received. Definition of non-monogamous is here, if you or your partner have multiple sexual partners. It is also true that if you have multiple sex partners in your life, you are most likely one of the genital HPV strains than if you had a contract for life-long relationship monogamous. Indeed, the more sexual partners you have in your life, develop greater the risk of going to genital HPV. And being the cause of the 30 strains of HPV or who do this, genital warts, they can also be divided into two categories, as high-risk HPV strains, and strains of HPV low risk. The strains of HPV low risk are those that give rise to genital warts. The high risk strains of HPV are those that can cause cancer in one of the areas affected. might be particularly recurrent genital warts, it is necessary to particularly vigilant as the HPV you have a high risk of the variety. Although genital warts can be treated or surgically removed, they are merely the physical manifestation of the strains of HPV. The real human papilloma virus itself can not be cured, because there is no cure for it. What then is cured the wart and not the virus you need to be controlled by your immune system. In the normal course of events the strains of HPV can one person for a few months or even stay for 1-2 years, depending on the strength and resilience of the immune system. That’s why you must keep your immune system in top shape to help deal with things like strains of HPV can. And that is why some treatments (both medical and natural) work is aligned with that premise and strengthen the immune system signaling. It is also the reason why people with medical problems if their immune system is affected pregnant women or those who are suppressed, we drugs already immune to viruses and therefore vulnerable strains of HPV are also manifest in the form genital warts and not those people. This does not mean that because you are pregnant, you have genital warts, or just because you have a disease with a vulnerable immune system that you buy to have genital warts. It just means you’re more likely to develop genital warts than people whose immune system is stronger and more able to parry an attack strains of HPV. If found, genital warts, or carry the strains of HPV, you can either a skin clinic or a center for sexually transmitted diseases, will be called. Your doctor may feel that you get the necessary treatment to one of these facilities, as with these types of infections on a daily basis. In fact, for some treatments, you may need one of these sites will be covered. This can happen, especially if you need surgical methods to remove your warts instead of topical creams and solutions.

Muna wa Wanjiru is a web administrator and has been researching and reporting for more than cure genital warts year. For more information about the strains of HPV, visit its Web site on the strains of HPV

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