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by Rachel on February 4, 2015

headaches are not pleasant for anyone. Unfortunately, headaches are a part of everyday life. People living in all other reasons- while some feel the pain in his head because of a cold or flu for more headaches due to stress, hangover, dehydration and thousands other conditions. However, if after a long time to occur on a computer, then there is a chance that you suffer from eyestrain headaches.

Do not worry – this form of headache is hardly serious and very preventable and treatable. Although there is no real medical cure for eyestrain headaches, there are ways to avoid them and other symptoms that accompany it.

Pressure on the eyes is a common problem for anyone who looks at a specific task for a long time. For example, reading books, working on the computer and the drive for full time can all be the cause of eyestrain. You can get this kind of stress at work, at home and watch TV while participating in your daily life.

Many people may suffer from eye strain and not realize it. That’s why we made the symptom checklist to see if you are affected.

The symptoms of eyestrain

Do you suffer from sore or tired eyes? If your eyes feel soft or injured in flash, then you may be suffering from eyestrain. Irritation of tired eyes and the most common complaint when it comes to your eyes strain kommt.Sind your dry eyes, itching or burning? Another common symptom is dry eyes. Since the concentration on one task for a long time usually flashes five times less than normal, you can be your dry eyes. Often an artificial tear drops while you helfen.Haben drugs can cause tearing, blurred vision? Another symptom is the complete opposite of dry eye watery eyes. Although they itch or burn, they are incredibly ├Ąrgerlich.Leiden you suffer from blurred vision when you’re away from the screen? If you continue to see the shapes and images on the screen, even if you do not look, do not, do not worry go slowly crazy- it is a symptom of eyestrain.

Other symptoms of eyestrain Search

Aside from vision and eye concern, you may experience headaches at work, as mentioned above. They are called eyestrain and headaches can classified by any of the other symptoms listed accompanies you werden.Finden your eyes more sensitive to light and have problems with fringe? This is a good sign that you have been watching the television screen or computer for lange.Schlie├člich you have a sore or stiff neck? Finally, you have a sore or stiff neck? This is another symptom of the strain on your eyes.

In most cases, if any of these symptoms occur at work or at home, it is best for your eyes a break and get away from the computer screen / TV / etc

Lindsay Pollard is the co-creator of eye strain computer Software rest of the screen that provides relief from eyestrain, blurred vision, tired eyes and headaches caused by computer prolonged use. Learn more about eye strain symptoms, causes and how to avoid them.

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