Finding Early Stages Of Genital Warts

by Rachel on July 8, 2010

Genital warts are a condition that is sexually transmitted. This disorder is more common HPV human papilloma virus that can cause. Find out if your early genital warts, you can save costly and painful treatments for genital warts are more serious. The human papilloma virus is divided into several sub-categories. There are several types of genital warts that are more resistant to treatment than others. The reason why it is so important to get it in the early stages of genital warts is the hook that some strains of cancer of the genital area are connected. For those who have genital warts contracted by its partner, the first stages of genital warts, you can leave without symptoms. You may not know you were in the early stages of genital warts is infected, symptoms may not appear 2-4 weeks after infection. If you are the genital warts in the stadiums, the warts may not appear for months. If you have genital warts, it is rare that they are painful, but they may itch. The warts can vary in appearance. Genital warts can appear flat or cauliflower-like warts, they can be rough. Genital warts can occur singly or in groups. Women who contract genital warts planned in such a way that appears inside the vagina near the urethra and on the lips of the vulva. Genital warts can also appear in and around the rectum. For men who are in the early stages of genital warts, they can occur under the foreskin of the penis in men who were circumcised, or on the penis itself. Men may also have warts in the urethra in the later stages of genital warts are and they can appear in and around the rectum as well. At the beginning of genital warts, they seem so flat that it has not infected with the naked eye and no one knows they have an STD have been posted. Usually, these plane warts will know in time to the person they are infected, which causes itching and may be a burning sensation. These types of warts can be recognized by your physician, after conducting some tests. Those who do not practice safe sex and have multiple partners are at highest risk of contracting genital warts. Given the serious consequences that may accompany genital warts, it is preferable that you will be diagnosed in the early stages of genital warts. For more information on health and medical jobs http://www. idohealthcare. com /

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kevin September 30, 2010 at 9:47 pm

ok about a month ago i saw these little bumps and only one of them are shaped in cauliflower but barely noticeable i didnt think much of it till i saw a little spot on my penis and it was flesh colored so i got scared and i went to the doctors and i took an HIV test and the test came back negative but i still have these bumps so i dont know what to do. can you help?

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