Genital Warts Can Be Transmitted by Hands Also

by Rachel on May 13, 2010

Genital warts are the most common sexually transmitted infections. It is caused by a virus called human papilloma virus also known as HPV. The virus is very contagious and can spread through sexual contact. Because of its nature, the virus can be transmitted by dirty hands. This makes you very vulnerable to infection if you have sexual contact with persons in high-risk category. You have a higher risk of genital warts, if you have sex, a person whose sexual history you do not know. The risk is also higher if you do not know if the person has a sexually transmitted disease or if your partner is not aware of was the same. Another risk factor is multiple sexual partners. increases become sexually active at a younger age the risk of genital warts clearly. Genital warts can not even symptoms. After sexual contact with an infected person takes the condition started about three months, the symptoms. The infection can remain for a long period of dormancy, and during the crises in place conditions such as pregnancy. You need to be tested, even if you diagnose risk factors above or if your sexual partner has the infection was. The symptoms of genital warts are usually in the genital warts. These are bumps or fleshy mass of gray. If the transmission is through the hands of warts in the genital area may well. They may also be present on the mouth and throat. Warts are usually observed at the tip and shaft of the penis in men. You can expand on the scrotum and the anus as well. In women, warts on the external genitalia seen in the vagina and the area between the vulva and anus. Warts are usually itching and irritation of the skin with wet genitals. You can bleed during sex because of the erosion of wart tissue. If you are pregnant, you need to genital warts, as this has negative effects on your baby, to be verified. Warts can be treated but not cured. Because the virus that causes warts infects the top layers of the skin in the genital area and it is difficult to eliminate the virus from there. The treatment of genital warts should be under the supervision of a qualified physician who is to be done. Try not to use drugs that can cause more irritation to the sensitive area of the genitals. You can use creams locally active for this purpose. The cream should be applied to the warts and the warts may clear the healing of the skin by making up. The use of such creams take a few precautions and you should consult your doctor for a treatment that suits you best. If you are pregnant, or have large warts that do not meet tough treatment, perhaps you should go through surgery. There are many surgical options for genital warts. These include cryotherapy, surgical excision and laser surgery.

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