Genital Warts Prevention – Safety Tips For the Sexually Active

by Rachel on July 3, 2010

Safe Sex

One of the terms most commonly used in the prevention today is safer sex. It is simply a means to try to prevent the possibility of a Party means a sexually transmitted disease of any kind What is safe sex, you try to prevent the exchange of body fluids between sexual partners during and after intercourse. These are blood, semen and vaginal secretions. These fluids flow easily between partners during sex, and if there is an infection in one partner, it flows very easily to the other party. Although not the stronger sex can fully guarantee the complete protection against genital warts and other sexually transmitted diseases, at least it reduces the chances of you do.


The safest way, if necessary, to ensure complete protection against all sexually transmitted diseases is abstinence from sex. We live in an era that glorified sex, think that many people, it is impossible to abstain from sex. Since sex is not the food that you can really do without them, if you put your mind and wait for the right time for sex and probably with the right person to have. If abstinence is not an option, the second best option would be the number of sexual partners and deal with one person to reduce, but you must make sure that you are both against the human papilloma virus free fight for the condition for maintaining long.

A healthy

The human papillomavirus that causes genital warts is spread by contact with skin and he tries very well in damp and humid areas of the body. This is why women, warts deep in her vagina and cervix-intestinal tract, these areas of his body wet, most of the time. This means that you must keep ad dry as possible most of the time. In the selection of underwear, it is best to buy cotton underwear made of materials that are opposed not absorb moisture. When you come into contact with bodily fluids found especially in the genital area, it is advised to wash their hands as quickly as possible so that can be re-infected in other body regions.

Physical examination

It is important to decide, and take the first important step in the overall process. Remove the guess work out of the whole question, not before having a proper medical examination. Your doctor will be able to check and inform you if you have HPV, genital warts, even if you do not show outward signs of disease. After you do with your status, you can decide what you want to take precautions to protect themselves.

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