Genital Warts- What are Genital Warts?

by Rachel on July 8, 2010

Condylomata acuminata or genital warts appear about 1 million Americans are infected 300 million annually. Among the viruses identified about 100 human papillomavirus that cause warts are thirty, position, entering the genital area. Most have a benign cause annoyance concerns. Some, such as types 16 and 18 are the obvious cause of cervical cancer in women. Cervical cancer can be devastating and lead to infertility and even death. They can cause cancer in other areas of the female genital tract, and rarely in and on the male genitalia. There is a new vaccine, the immunity against HPV 6, 11, 16 and 18. The vaccine is administered to girls / women ages 9-23 is effective in preventing cancer of the cervix. It is tested for older women. It is now for young men and approved.

Warts are skin diseases rather standard-looking. They are generally flat, slightly raised and fleshy. They are like the cauliflower in the general appearance of the surface. You can the size of a millimeter, or will grow together in patches of several centimeters. You must be sought carefully by a physician. They are usually not painful, but may be uncomfortable, irritated or bleeding after trauma such as sexual activity. They can be almost invisible in the vagina or cervix or urethra, and require special techniques, such as gynecological exams or magnifying glass surfaces to see and diagnose. no genital or venereal warts spread to other parts of the body, but often can cause the anal area.

The best treatment is prevention. Use a condom seems somewhat inhibits the spread on the skin barrier. Meticulous care should not be used for environmental contamination, during and after sex. Shower and soap and repeat after sexual activity as soon as possible. Abstinence until marriage is the best way for people not to finish with venereal warts. Like other STDs, is the most sexual partners, the greater the risk of genital warts.

There are several ways in genital warts can be treated. Two prescription creams can be used at home under medical supervision. This rule works only on very small and new genital warts. In the office, they can be removed by minor surgery under local anesthesia. The most effective way to treat warts. They tend to return in a year, depending on how it is treated. If this is not completely eliminated at a time when they will return to the rule. Sometimes, several surgeries will nearly double check to make in a few weeks to be sure that each piece is completely gone forever. They can be frozen, burned with electrodesiccation, or a corrosive chemical on them were correct. In severe cases, very expensive interferon alpha can be injected directly into the lesion. A laser ablation works very well, and is performed under general or regional anesthesia.

Here’s what you can do:

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