Get Rid Of Genital Warts

by Rachel on June 13, 2010

Do you have warts? Do you know what it takes? The fact is that warts are caused by human papillomavirus (HPV). Since warts are caused by a virus, are contagious. Once you have this virus, it stays with you while you live infected. Skin warts or papillomas can be transmitted between individuals by a filterable infectious agent. If the virus is not treated in time, can cause skin cancer and other health problems.

There are many types of warts. The most common warts are the rough looking lesions most often on the hands and fingers. The smaller, smoother flat warts on the hands and fingers are too, but may even appear on the face and eyes. Warts on the bottom of the feet are called plantar warts and can sometimes be about an inch around. Genital warts grow in the genital and anal areas, which have become a growing problem.

Warts (papilloma viruses replicate) used exclusively on the surface of body tissues such as skin, mucous membranes of the genitals and anus, mouth and respiratory tract. Genital warts are very contagious and also 90% responsible for health for all cases of cancer of the cervix and other problems. HPV also decreases the number of sperm, which is a cause of infertility.

recurrent laryngeal papillomatosis know as well as respiratory papillomatosis is a rare disease characterized by (HPV) of the throat that can lead to tumors. There are barriers in the respiratory tract and can be fatal without treatment.

HPV is certainly not something you should take lightly. These dangers are very serious. Why do you want to remove warts be your first priority if you stay healthy and enjoy life.

Are you facing humiliation because of visible warts? The warts are interfering with your sex life? Do you suffer from lower self-confidence? Have you tried prescription drugs? If yes, they have help or you are with unpleasant side effects?

What if there is a natural way to get rid of warts for good control and complete virus? The good news is that the natural way to cure you, even in the absence of bad side effects and relapses.

Unfortunately, most doctors prescribe drugs to treat the virus does not recommend efficiently and in severe cases, the operation can cause scarring.

The following natural remedies have been treated to get rid of warts, and HPV. To work for the following Treatmens, you must keep your immune system in top shape.

First *** The vitamins and minerals … Take a combination of synthetic vitamins and minerals not a combination of synthesis, which should not be taken on the same day, but at other times of the day vitamins.

2nd *** Drinking herbal tea … 2-3 cups of tea per day. Especially teas with lemon grass, chamomile and green tea.

*** 3rd Oils antiviral … Applly topicaly with a cotton swab to the wart.

*** 4th Hygiene … Did you know that there are over 60,000 viruses on your skin? If you have HPV, you should pay close attention to your health.

*** 5th Underwear … Wear cotton clothing 100% and change it more than once a day. Use only a natural detergent to wash your clothes.

Taping 6th *** … This will only work on certain common warts. Wrap the wart completely and comfortably with a few layers of duct tape. Leave the tape for 6-7 days, then remove it for a half day. This can not work in the first week. Depending on the size of the wart, you must repeat this operation for about three minutes before four weeks before the wart disappears.

I must say that if you have diabetes do not try any home therapy for wart removal, until your doctor tells you aufsuchen.Dies few treatments, I know. But there is a special home remedy invented by a physician herbalist healer / with 25 years of proven experience. Her treatments have been used by thousands, who were free of warts in a very short period of one week.

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, the number of cases of genital warts is growing at a phenomenal rate because genital warts are very contagious. It is also an infected woman can transmit the virus to her baby during pregnancy or birth.

It does not matter what genital warts look like, because if you have the right house means that you actually eliminate. You should not have to put up with warts, destroy them again and get your self-esteem, your healthy sex life back.

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