Global Cervical Cancer Statistics

by Rachel on June 9, 2010

In the recent past, it has many conscious efforts of experts. Statistics cervical cancer worldwide today, more women and girls are better informed about the disease. It is a cancer of the lower part of the uterus, called Impact, the neck of the uterus. The cancer is a disease that manifests abnormal proliferation of cells. can multiply rapidly in this case, the cells of the cervix to check, leading to tumors. Cancer of the cervix is a very devastating disease. According to statistics, in 2006, the American Cancer Society included 9710 cases of the disease. From the observations are 3700 women die. This is a high rate and something must be done to ensure that road accidents will be reduced.

Firstly, it is important to some in-depth knowledge about cancer of the cervix uteri. The Internet is a reliable source with the resources you will surely find a use value. As a woman, you want some of the symptoms, could announce about the disease. Unfortunately, like many cancers, symptoms until the disease has already developed, sometimes at very invasive. Some of the symptoms are. Vaginal bleeding that is not normal is an important indicator. This type of bleeding is not due to menstruation.

The bleeding occurs after menopause and between periods. affected women bleeding after intercourse. Bleeding may be serious and lasting. Another symptom is a discharge bad smell. This type of discharge, it is as shocking as defined by their type of bad smell. There are several risk factors and causes of cancer of the cervix. A virus has been found to be responsible for a large part of the disease. It is the human papillomavirus. There are over 100 types of viruses. Many of these causes you watts or HPV are benign or malignant. There are more than six viruses of this kind lead to cancer of the cervix. Early sexual activity has also found a risk factor. Another factor is smoking.

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Women who smoke are at high risk of developing the disease than those who do not smoke. The women who used diethylstilbestrol, suffer from the condition more. It is administered the drug to pregnant women to prevent miscarriages.

Prevention is always better than cure, there are several things you do to prevent disease. All women of childbearing age should go for vaccination against human papilloma virus.

The vaccine was 70% of the different types of viruses that cause the damage of the disease. he vaccine is approved by the Food U. S. and Drug Administration. An empty race at an early age. Women should be for regular checks to make. A Pap test is used to diagnose. If you lat, you must find the disease, early treatment will ensure that your life is prolonged. You can completely eliminate the disease in cases where the treatment is effective.

Several treatments can be administered to patients, including chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery. Each case is unique and are usually on the advice of your physician appropriate treatment regiment. Above all, you need to get a positive attitude, how to strengthen the disease. Overall, the death of the disease has decreased and the future looks promising.

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