Heat Stroke Symptoms

by Rachel on April 4, 2015

Heat Stroke is a common illness at the time of summer especially that El Nino phenomenon is currently wrecking havoc all over south east Asia. Heat stress signs might also result while people are exposed in heating elements as burners and stoves for some extended length of duration or in folk who suddenly feel a sudden increase in the temperature in a place which they stay in, as what might happen in every heat wave. Dehydration is often another cause. Because the person has not had enough to drink, they cannot produce enough sweat to cool the body. Sport drinks are a good option as they also replenish electrolytes lost through excessive sweating.

There is several different signs that are body will give us if it is overheating, also known as heat stroke symptoms. The most common way for our body to release excess heat is through perspiration. This works as long as the body has a sufficient amount of water to perspirate. Once the body becomes dehydrated, it starts to look for other methods of losing heat. It would be best for you to take the responsibility for you and your family to research heat stroke and heat exhaustion online or with your doctor prior to planning an outing in a high heat environment. It will be best to know who is at a high risk and what to do, if something happens.

There are many things that you can do to help prevent a heat stroke. Everyone, but especially the elderly and children, should not stay outside for extended periods of time during hot weather. Keep yourself hydrated with water or sports drinks and avoid alcohol, tea, soda and coffee. It will have all the signs of the first and second stages of heat stroke. Bunny lying stretched out with his head tilted upward and his ears laid back down along his body with obvious panting and wetness around the mouth and nose.

What should you do to alleviate heat exhaustion or heat stroke? Make sure the person is away from the sun. Adding additional stress to body might complicate things. Give him fluids, something with salt and sugar is good for him. Heat exhaustion can be very serious and life threatening if left untreated. People that have high blood pressure, the elderly and those working outside are most prone to heat exhaustion. Check on the elderly often and provide them with fans if they don’t have any.

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