Hemroid Symptoms

by Rachel on June 9, 2015

Do you have any hemroid symptoms? Surprisingly, you may be suffering from hemroids and not even realize it. Sometimes a person might have them and doesn’t know it because the symptoms can be so mild that it is more of an inconvenience than anything. A lot of times a person may not know that they exist if they are suffering from internal hemroids. However, if you are one of the unfortunate ones that is experiencing rectal pain and you don’t really know what is causing the pain, you might want to look at the following hemroid symptoms and determine if you are an unfortunate victim of this condition.

Irritation and Itching

This is one of the first Hemroid Symptoms is itching and irritation is usually one of the first things that a person experiences in relation to hemroids. Because the area is subjected to leaking fluids, it becomes very irritated and the sufferer always has the urge to scratch to soothe the pain. It is also very discomforting if the sufferer has an external hemroid that is hanging out of the rectum. Due to the passage of feces and fluids, the hemroid gets irritated and the sufferer also wants to scratch in this situation to stop the itching and get rid of the pain.


Bleeding from the rectum is also another common telltale sign that you have hemroids. Unlike finding blood in your stool, when you have bleeding from your rectum due to hemroids it is not that serious. Although many people want to think the worst when they find blood after a bowel movement, when you find blood due to a hemroid, you should not panic. If you see blood on the toilet cushion, toilet paper or even in the toilet water, it might be a result of the difficult time that you had passing your bowels. Now would be the time to find a way to relieve your hemroids. However, if you start to find larger amounts of blood after your bowel movements, you really should consult your doctor because you may have a more serious condition than hemroids.

External Bumps

External bumps are one of the most obvious signs of hemroids. They appear when you have an advanced case of hemroids. When they get to this point, they are very painful for the sufferer for many reasons. Because they are external in nature, whenever you have a bowel movement, the feces have to compete with the hemroid for space when it is coming out of the rectum. As a result, this puts an additional strain on the sufferer and makes having a bowel movement extremely difficult. In addition to bowel movements, the sufferer finds that sitting down is also very painful because of these external bumps. The rectum is already irritated, which makes it very hard for the sufferer to put direct pressure on the hemroid when sitting down. Usually, when hemroid sufferers experience this pain, they will use the help of inflated pillows or creams to ease the pain.

In conclusion, there are many people that have to deal with hemroids on a daily basis. If you are lucky, your hemroids are internal and do not cause much pain. You might not even be aware that you have them. For others, the referenced symptoms are some of the discomforts of having hemroids.

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