How Can HPV be Transmitted?

by Rachel on June 5, 2010

More than fifty percent of the population likely to run with some type of HPV. According to the charge, the virus can be transmitted from human to human in a number of ways.

The strains that cause milder forms of warts on the hands, feet, elbows and knees, can be relatively easily transferred. This can occur when a person uses the warts on hands, doorknobs, and someone else comes along and uses it well. Or it may happen when someone with “foot” – starting from the bottom of the feet – is about in a dressing room unconscious traces of the virus on the ground, others can catch the virus on their own feet walk on the same place. Fortunately, these strains are fairly easy to avoid with common sense hygiene. If washing in a public place, your hands often. Take precautions, especially in the locker room to clean and avoid walking on the ground without something for the feet.

If a sexually transmitted viruses such as HIV or herpes spreads a bit more difficult – for example, you can not get these diseases from a toilet seat – the HPV virus is transmitted more easily. In the case of strains of HPV that cause genital warts, for example, just a skin to skin contact.

Forms genital or sexually transmitted HPV virus can be transmitted during sexual activity. This trade would also be sexual, but oral and anal sex. HPV transmission during heterosexual or homosexual contact as possible. (In fact, gays and bisexual men have a significantly higher risk for health issues related to HPV!)

The only way to protect you 100% of strains of genital HPV, abstinence. But that is where common sense can go a long way to go over well at your own risk. Using a condom protects a lot of time, even if it does not protect you all the time against HPV. You are more at risk of contracting HPV if you have multiple partners, or have you had with someone who has had multiple partners.

Note that the HPV virus often shows no symptoms, it will not be an option if someone wants sexual intimacy with someone, you can transmit the virus to you! If your partner has genital warts, you may be able to say. But often, you have no idea that the virus is present. Chances are, your partner may be the virus without knowing it. For this reason, it is reasonable to assume that the sexual partner is actually carrying the virus, to protect themselves.

Taking into account the statistical frequency of HPV and protected under some measure of common sense, is the best way to stay healthy. Regular reviews will ensure that your doctor may be early signs of complications found HPV, because they are serious.


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