How can you tell that tea tree oil is healing your HPV warts?

by Rachel on July 4, 2010

I was recently diagnosed with HPV, and began to warts, unfortunate, yes, but of course to increase my fault, a point that I have not acquired the money for medical care and the tea tree oil to try to cure warts, I have heard from several sources, it works very well, but how do I know if it works or not?

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SSG. Muniz, Gerold L July 4, 2010 at 10:01 pm

I will caution you against using tea tree oil for HPV treatment. Tea tree oil comes with a slew of risks that can include spreading the infection, new infections, and nerve/skin damage. There are topical agents that can be obtained through a doctor that are pretty inexpensive such as peudophilo toxin (I might have spelled that wrong). Tea tree oil is great for an antiseptic but must be diluted properly. Look at other options before continuing this. Others may give you favorable answers but remember that your body is different than theirs and can react in different ways.

Zena'Baby,x July 4, 2010 at 10:05 pm

Hello. Im so sorry you have to deal with HPV warts, and i have never heard of Tea Tree Oil helping them, but i have a list of things which can help you.

Your doctor may be able to prescribe you some of the creams, talk to him/her and see the possible options. You may be able to go to the pharmacy and get these creams too.

I have looked online for you too see if you can get some stuff to help online :) and i have found some great things, and some at quite a low price

Heres some cheap things i found which will help

Special Genital Warts Treatment:

Vitamin E Oil:

Castor Oil:

Genital Wart Stick Remover:

Wart Remover:

Also take a trip to the GP if you can as they may be able to help. I would also say discontinue using Tea Tree Oil as this can be harsh on your skin. And try purchasing some of the above ^.^ .

Also try reading this;

You may also want to take multi vitamin tablets, with vitamin E & C mainly in.

If you go to the doctors, they may get a nurse to put acid on the warts to burn them off, this is very painful, so try and remove them yourself first, with the above ^ i strongly recommend you trying the first link as its been recomnmend alot. and is meant to be great.

Have fun and try practicing safe sex :) And also you’ll be able to see if your warts are healing by them ‘drying’ up and getting smaller..

Good luck

tarnishedsilverheart July 4, 2010 at 10:51 pm

I agree with the other posters….be very careful with tea tree oil. I am personally very allergic to the oil…try it years ago for a pimple and area that I applied the cream were red and raw…

Over the counter treatments are not recommended for genital warts.

I have read/hear/and spoken to may who used tea tree oil and other oils and elixirs that claim to rid the warts…and have seen most fall short….the duct tape home treatments were probably the safest, cheapest and did work for some.

The sad thing is that no treatments even one administered by your doctor or in prescription form is effective every time. Most treatments are harsh and irritating…Many times warts will return…this may especially be true in the first 8 months or so of treatments. The wart is only the tip of the iceberg much of the virus is under the skin tissue..and is often found surrounding skin. Treatments remove the manifestation that the virus causes but does not remove the virus. Most of the time your body will build immunity to your acquired HPV type…reactive can occur and we can acquire other HPV types. Most people that carry the virus never show signs or symptoms. Probably 30% of the people that carry genital causing HPV types never show a wart.

In answer to your question how can you tell if tea tree oil is working…you really can’t. Genital warts will grow, regress or staty the same. If the warts do start to work…it may be the tea tree oil…or it could be your immune system working building immunity to your acquired HPV type.

Please tell future sex partners of your past infection…in a couple of years you will probably be less contagious…condoms do help but do not prevent the transmission of the virus.

Have you checked planned parenthood or other health clinic that may treat your warts at a lower cost?

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