How do doctors detect differant types of cancers caused by HPV?

by Rachel on May 30, 2010

HPV is detected by papsmears but does not that only if the neck area, how genycologist whether you have another type of cancer from HPV, like anal, colon, and others like it get?

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tarnishedsilverheart May 30, 2010 at 7:01 am

A Pap smear is a sample of cells taken of the cervix only. When your Pap test finds abnormal cells a second part test is done confirming that the abnormal cell found on the cervix are due to high risk HPV types. Our Pap smear is a test for cervical cancer…it is screening the cervix only. Our gynecologist will visually check the vulva and the vaginal cancer. Cell changes of the vulva are often missed upon a visual exam.

If you have engaged in anal sex you may want to have an anal pap. Anal Paps are done by a proctologist or a colon rectal doctor. A gynecologist does not treat the anal canal.

A dentist is your first line of defense of your oral area for pre-cancer cell changes.

A Pap test is a screening test for the cervix.

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