How do men get tested for HPV?

by Rachel on August 8, 2011

Would a blood test reveal it?
If positive, what is treatment?

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Greymelken August 8, 2011 at 4:15 am

There are no conclusive tests for men with HPV, that is a big reason it is so rampant. The only way a doctor can diagnose it is if there are visible symptoms, though the doctor may have more resources than you have for identifying them, including lights, and chemical solutions that react with warts and make them visible to the eye.

A man has to be honest, and you must rely on that honesty. Its hard to do. Especially when a guy has no visible symptoms. Its way too easy for him to not tell you, and wait for them to appear on you, and accuse you of giving them to him… A guy can do this as much as he wants, because apparantly it is not a criminal offense to spread std’s even the ones that can kill you. There is a man in Canada who knowingly gave a terminally fatal disease to 7 women, and he got 7 years.

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