How do you get rid of chronic cervicitis, when all of your STD screens are negative.?

by Rachel on July 18, 2011

A friend of mine has had the same partner for two years and both of them have been screened for STD’s. She is allergic to spermicides in condoms and have tried non lubricating condoms as well. She has a mucousy light tinged yellow discharge…yes I’ve seen it. The doctor tells her to refrain from intercourse for two weeks and everything should be fine. She does this but it’s still there….Anyone have more information on how to keep this under control? Anything over the counter she can take on a daily basis and get on with a normal sex life? This has been going on with her for three months now. She has even been rechecked for STD’s and so has he. Everything is negative and she has had a bladder infection at one point. Please help, I’ve givin her all my ideas from others.
Her pap smear was done in Feb. and it was normal. She has already gotten a second opinion and both have opinions have been the same.

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