How Do You Get Warts?

by Rachel on May 30, 2010

How do you get warts?

How do you get warts?


They are warts caused by human papillomavirus, or HPV infection. A wart is in fact due a non-cancerous growth by infection with this virus type.

There are many different strains of human papilloma virus and some of these types cause different types of warts. This virus is contagious and can be in your body small cuts or scratches on the skin type and other species.

There are several ways you can get warts by HPV infected. In fact, it may be passing through:

• Direct contact with a wart from another person contact • with another person who is infected with the virus • Use object that hit by another person, the virus was sexual activity going certain • • where the HPV life

Direct contact with the wart to another person can transmit the virus to your body. This is more common in children and adolescents than among adults. While the children play football or other sports that require physical contact, it is simply that unwittingly spread the wart virus affect other people.

It is also important to know that someone can have the virus, even if they are not developed any form of growth. This is because the virus does not always develop into any type of growth. Such a person may carry the virus developed without transferring the growth itself. However, the person has been infected, the wart to grow.

You can warts by touching objects that others are carrying the virus have been used to obtain. These include items such as towels and shoes.

Some strains of the virus responsible for genital warts. This strain can be transmitted during sexual activity.

HPV can be found in many places, so you can get from these places and get to. Viruses tend to rest, but alive for several months or even years if they are outside the body. You can begin to multiply and increase their activity when they are in a body.

The human papilloma virus can be found in warm and humid. He can lie on the ground swimming pools, bathrooms, showers, gyms and locker rooms. Go barefoot in these places increases the chances that you can get the virus through a small cut or scratch in feet or other body parts.

If you are with the virus that you have other areas of the body, you can pollute and contaminate. This is done by scratching your wart and affect other parts of the body. Children are particularly known for such habits.

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