How Green Tea Can Help With HPV

by Rachel on April 25, 2010

There are many strains of human papilloma virus. To date, there are over a hundred to be exact! It was found that nearly thirty of these strains because of the occurrence of cancer of the cervix estimated. Then, of course, there are species that can lead to the development of skin irritation, warts on the skin, and genital warts. It is a relatively common strain of virus, it turns out. Thirty million people in the United States alone have a strain of this virus type. conclusive evidence indicates that once a person what kind of virus for about two-three years ago, the immune system removes them automatically. Here I will write, like green tea may help HPV. The benefits of green tea There are many health benefits of green tea. This type of drink is considered to be loaded with a large number of antioxidants. This drink is an effective way to prevent various health complications. The following details some of the conditions and diseases that green tea has been proven prevention: First Men who drink this drink have been found regularly for one less opportunity for the development of prostate cancer. 2nd For people who suffer from high levels, green tea may reduce the amount of sounds to a number. Third Those who are at risk for serious illnesses such as heart attack and stroke, may play an important role of this substance in preventing these serious diseases. Fourth drink this tea on a regular basis can help prevent atherosclerosis. 5th cerebral thrombus was successfully prevented with this drink. 6th Those who are lucky enough to dementia and Alzheimer’s disease significantly reduced their chances by taking this substance are available. 7th Green tea is very effective when it comes to fat burning and increased metabolism in the body. 8th The immune system can receive a value by the inclusion of these ingredients that are part of the tea. 9th This proved to reduce the amount of infections experienced by the body. HPV is one of these infections. The 10th general care of the body is increased if a person eats these types of tea. The dangers of the vaccine against HPV We see the announcement and we hear the advertising. . . all people – especially women – should get vaccinated against HPV. Especially women, because cervical cancer is a common side effect of HPV. Unfortunately, do not listen to most of us on the dangers of the vaccine against HPV associated. Some complications have been associated with this vaccine in combination: First Not all strains of HPV covered by the vaccine, so that in many cases, it is totally ineffective. The second vaccine can actually weaken the immune system. 3rd Nearly 10,000 complaints against the vaccine called, has been filed “Gardasil”. These complaints occurred due to undesirable side effects, which was once given the vaccine. 4th When these lines are written, it was estimated that about twenty people have been following the Gardasil vaccine against HPV for the dead. The fifth manufacturer of this vaccine were protected against lawsuits that have contributed to premature deaths as a direct result of the place with the vaccine. Sixth Many premature deaths are the direct result of symptoms such as blood clots, peace of heart, and even respiratory failure. There are a number of deaths, the causes are unknown to contribute. Prevention of Cervical Cancer There are a number of opportunities that prevents cancer of the cervix, can engage with the exception of the vaccine against HPV. The following list contains some strategies: First HPV is transmitted sexually, it is important to protect yourself during sex. 2nd Learning first symptoms of both HPV and cancer of the cervix. 3rd Consuming large amounts of green tea. The fourth measures taken to increase the efficiency of the immune system. 5th Engage in healthy eating and exercise. Completion If you fight against HPV, it is much more efficient to prevent the vaccine against HPV and do things that are healthy to fight against this disease. Drink green tea and development of the immune system with healthy foods and exercise program are required to take the best measures.

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