How long does it take for herpes to show up and HPV?

by Rachel on May 13, 2010

The first question is how long it normally until you notice that you may have genital herpes? And if you have tested RPF against HPV, it also works herpes partial check? For example would be if you were negative on the HPV test to candidates for genital herpes?

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Paramedic girl May 13, 2010 at 9:05 pm

Genital herpes takes anywhere from 10 to 21 days to appear after infection. However, sometimes first breakouts are mild and the person doesnt know they have gotten it. Also, some people mistaken it for hemmoroids sometimes because they can cluster near the anus.

Goddess May 13, 2010 at 9:18 pm

Good Luck on that . When I was diagnosed with herpes I had been in a monogamous relationship for several years. I thought he gave it to me! It can take years, maybe up to 10 years to breakout in herpes. I do not know for sure how it happened. My doctor had to scrape some of the very very painful sores and send the cells to the lab to be tested. YOU will know after tingling sensation in your genital area and then burning uncomfortable red whelps swelling on your genitals. You have herpes. The first time you break out will be the worst. You will feel dirty, betrayed and hopeless.

Alli May 13, 2010 at 9:27 pm

Genital herpes and HPV are two completely different viruses. They both have different symptoms, are both tested different and are both treated different.

The first outbreak of genital herpes usually appears anywhere from 2 – 20 days after being infected with the virus. Sometimes it can take several months or even years for the first outbreak to appear and some people will never get their first outbreak (although this is not very common). Genital herpes is usually tested by a physical exam when sores are present. They may also take a fluid sample from the sores. There is also a blood test, but I’ve read this is not always accurate.

HPV is tested by a pap smear. There is NO test for men. Most men find out they have the virus by developing genital warts. But, not ALL kinds of HPV cause genital warts. A person has to have a kind of HPV that causes warts in order to get them. And, genital warts can also take several months and even years to appear after a person has been infected with HPV. I was diagnosed with HPV 6 years ago and I developed genital warts from it about a year ago; it took me 5 years to develop genital warts from my HPV!

If you test negative for HPV, that doesn’t mean you are negative for genital herpes. They are different viruses and are tested differently. If you get tested for HPV they will ONLY test you for HPV, and if you get tested for genital herpes they will ONLY test you for genital herpes. If you want to be tested for both viruses you need to ask to be tested for both.

Good luck!

lotsofluv007 May 13, 2010 at 10:14 pm

with my ex I was in a monogamus relationship. I have HPV and it took about 6 months to show symptoms after I had sex with my ex the first time.
My leisunes came and went and have so far had one reg pap. My doc said that if I have another normal pap I should be fine and HPV free. I don’t think that way. Since I know it’s a virus it never goes away, but your immune system can fight off the virus and surpress it. Who knows if I’ll ever see leisunes again. I hope not!
I exercise and eat right…take vitamins for my immune system so hopefully that helps. =)
Positive attitude never hurts anybody.

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