HPV and Cervical Dysplasia: A Naturopathic Approach

by Rachel on April 27, 2010

DescriptionIn this brochure update, naturopath Dr. Jane Semple introduces you to the human papillomavirus (HPV) which causes the symptoms associated with cancer, and conventional vaccines and treatments to combat them. Regarding HPV from a holistic perspective, Dr Semple offers a naturopathic approach to nutrition, vitamins, minerals, vegetables, fruit juices, herbs and other natural food supplements. The booklet concludes with a discussion on detoxificati. . . More>>

HPV and Cervical Dysplasia: A Naturopathic Approach

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Julia Parete April 27, 2010 at 2:26 am

I fully respect and support the natural healing as a profession. As a nurse, I often refer patients to local healers and acupuncturists for a more holistic approach to health care and management problems of Western medicine is not so good (there are many). I was very happy to find this title, and was happy to be many recommendations could be helpful to patients with high-risk HPV and dysplasia finden.Allerdings reading this mini-book question is one that speaks to all the self-esteem, as I find it irresponsible for the medical advice to find are performed exclusively on anecdotal observations and 25 years of studies on small samples of women post basis. Worse than the felt, this book looks like an advertisement for the DS is doing an objective review of the health problem with treatment recommendations. had statements like: “I have 100 percent success in restoring normal dysplasia and maintain normal tissue, with additions” is repugnant and is also awkardly eingefügt.Die truth in the section on ASCUS Paps , which is not indicative of a state dysplastic clear 92% of women against HPV on its own within 8-24 MOS (Apgar et al, 2008) without any intervention. However, I have no argument against the Use of nutritional supplements and herbal to enhance the immune system, but to show that they are necessary in the healing process is ungenau.Semple they could not find evidence of the success of various treatments conventional cervical dysplasia. It is true that there can not be found on your Google web search, but there are plenty of data exist in the literature. As a practitioner, I expect that they are davon.Schließlich vain, a line that really bothered me: con listed as their “first” vaccine against HPV: “Gardisal (sic) is only four high-risk HPV serotypes can. There are over 100 serotypes of HPV DNA, and because the virus changes so rapidly to new strains of high-risk seems to appear overnight. “Well, regardless of how one feels about the vaccine Gardisil, and although it was probably (no, the other species do not seem to have a potential oncogene), is an absurd reason to not vaccinated. faulty logic, as when we say that we should not always with a smoke detector, because the batteries wear out… Again, please do not misunderstand this as polemics against alternative medicine. Instead, they take as a complaint by a disappointed reader, for a balanced discussion of naturopathic recommendations for women in this county health hoped. I continue to the day when people can Naturopathic lose hope the chip on the shoulder and people can stop allopathic defenses: I think it is a rigorous science of the former, and greater tolerance of it. Otherwise, I’ll work on my tolerance. Rating: 5.2

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